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Monday, April 1, 2019

Microsoft Excel Add-in Incredible

Imagine working and handling large amount of data on your computer without Microsoft Excel? MS Excel, one of the prominent features of Microsoft Office, has always made our tasks easier by organizing and storing large quantities of data. The electronic spreadsheet has sorted out things, which would have been far more complex without it. However, there are times when this magic program doesn’t function properly and has various glitches and repetitive operations. Dealing with rows, columns, tables, and charts becomes tiresome when there are huge quantities of data, which become difficult to manage.

If all these shortcomings frustrate you, then here’s something interesting. KuTools, a new add-in having a lot more advanced features, has been introduced, which will relieve you from those time-consuming tasks that hamper productivity. KuTools has numerous advanced functions that will make your working smoother and sorted out. Let’s have a look at the functions on its plate:

Microsoft Excel Explorer: It works like the Excel Task Pane, to aid in working on large sheets and workbooks.
Maximize Work space: Helps in maximizing your Excel work space by minimizing the ribbon and hiding the status bar.
Workbook Manager: It helps you to merge various Excel sheets together and also split the current Excel Workbook.
Worksheet Manager: With this function, you can sort different worksheets in a single workbook alphabetically and manage your worksheets properly.

Select, Visibility and Delete Tools: Select tools help in managing cells, whereas visibility tools help in showing and hiding the worksheets. Delete tools, on the other hand, let you delete charts, blank rows, hyperlinks, etc.

Common Tools: These tools help in saving a backup copy of a particular workbook.
View Tools: View Tools help in displaying and hiding the Excel built-in menus, status and scroll bar, and other sheet tabs.