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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Keeps Crashing

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 could be a powerful presentation software package package created accessible to you as a neighbourhood of the Microsoft Office 2016 productivity suite.

 Attributable to its wide move tools and options, it's wide employed by professionals still as students. With the power to figure with most operative systems, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 offers many improved options over its predecessors. This software package application conjointly integrates video speech options and therefore the increased ribbon toolbar facilitates increased usability for users. Victimization Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, you'll be able to simply produce, manage, and collaborate documents and displays together with your contemporaries.

However, generally Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 could crash repeatedly and build it tough for you to form displays victimization this software package. A number of the most typical reasons that trigger the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Crash Issue include:

1. Presence of Malware/ Virus problems
2. Presence of conflicting add-ins
3. Use of an excessive amount of memory owing to overuse of data formatting etc.
4. Presence of corrupt written account
5. Updates not put in
6. Presence of incompatible utility program
7. victimization 2 Monitor adaptors
8. Deleted application files

Although the explanations may well be as varied because the ones mentioned higher than, they'll yet be simply resolved by resorting to some easy fixes.

• Install sturdy antivirus software package to spot and take away all virus and malware from your computer.
• Remove conflicting add-ins or disable them quickly in order that they are doing not produce more errors. You’ll be able to simply re-enable the add-ins must you need them at a later stage.
• Upgrade your Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 32-bit application to the 64-bit version in order that you're ready to fancy higher area and memory. This can assist you to cut back errors caused by heart shortage.
• Install the newest updates by visiting the official web site of Microsoft and alter the appliance to figure during a swish manner.
• If you've got a conflicting utility program put in for your printer/ audio equipment/ graphics cards, etc. you'll ought to update the motive force to its latest version or disable the integrity between Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and therefore the device. This will assist you to repair the crash issue.
• If you'll have accidentally deleted a very important application file, you'll face the crash issue. To fix it, you'll ought to uninstall the appliance and re-install it entirely.
When your Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 program can crash suddenly, it'll conjointly lead to loss of files. If you had been performing on a very important project, losing a file may mean abundant headache. Follow the straight forward steps given below to recover your document once the appliance program has crashed:
• Reopen your Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 file, before long once it's crashed and visit the ‘Document Recovery’ task pane on the left of the screen
• Click the foremost recent file and hit ‘Open’
• Review the file to see if all the slides square measure intact.
• Click ‘File’ so click ‘Save’ to write the first file. you'll be able to conjointly save the file with a replacement name or during a completely different location
• Click ‘Close’ and still work on your presentation
• In case, a specific Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 file has gone corrupt, you'll be able to recover the file by moving it to a unique location on your Winchester drive and gap it from there
• Try to retrieve individual PowerPoint slides by clicking on the ‘Insert’ possibility so click on the ‘Slides from Files’ to tug the corrupted file name from the slide finder
• Restart your laptop in Safe Mode to recover the document so load the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 application to open the presentation during this mode.

If the higher than is sounding advanced, you'll be able to simply retrieve your files victimization the integral motor vehicle recovery feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016!

Repair Microsoft Office 2016

Repairing your Office programs will resolve problems with PowerPoint not responding, hanging, or freeze by mechanically repairing errors within the file.

1- Close any Microsoft Office applications that square measure running.

2- Open board, so open Programs and options.

3- In the list of put in applications, right-click your version of Microsoft Office, so click amendment and choose Repair.

If repairing your Office programs didn't resolve your issue, still succeeding step

Check to envision if your antivirus software system is up-to-date or conflicting with PowerPoint.

If your antivirus software system isn't up-to-date, PowerPoint might not perform properly. Transfer the newest updates by visiting your antivirus software system vendor’s web site.

For an inventory of antivirus software system vendors, see shopper security software system suppliers

Check whether or not antivirus software system is conflicting with PowerPoint

If your antivirus software system includes integration with PowerPoint, you'll expertise performance problems. During this case, you'll disable all PowerPoint integration inside the antivirus software system. Or, you'll disable any antivirus software system add-ins that square measure put in in PowerPoint.

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