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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Microsoft Office 2013 Features

It’s been sometime since Microsoft Office 2013 was free for retail. Nevertheless, there is still a bunch of its features that still amaze users as a result of the user-friendliness, the robustness of the tools, and certainly the flexibleness. Here we have compiled for you the highest options that contribute toward creating this productivity suite version sell like hot cakes! Though not in any explicit order, each of the options mentioned below are globally common. To know all of them, read on.

Web Apps For Microsoft Office

To keep you mobile, flexible, and always connected, Microsoft Office 2013 has been set with Office web Apps that are the on-line versions of your favourite Microsoft Office 2013 applications like Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, and so on. Using your Windows Live account and/ or SharePoint, you can use these web-based applications and stay productive even whereas you're on the go.

Protected View

To keep you safe and secured, Microsoft Office 2013 has been set with a Protected read mode in that all documents open after you transfer them from the web. As they (documents) open in a read-only format, no malicious content can enter your laptop while not you noticing it. Depending on the believability of the sender, the source, and the contents of the document, you can create it edit-able and put it aside on your laptop as a secure document. This applies to all or any text, number, and slideshow-based documents and even mails.

Customizable Ribbon Interface

When we tend to talked regarding the user-friendliness, we really meant this. If you like to explore this feature, you will notice the customizable Ribbon interface terribly handy. The Ribbon lets you to rearrange the tabs and tools as per their usage, your preference, and as you may wish to read them. This is your productivity suite; it has to be compelled to function the method you would like it to.


If you are an important Microsoft Outlook 2013 user and also the volume of unwanted or unimportant mails that arrive on your mailbox is big, you will definitely bless this feature. Cleanup lets you to wash up the folder in precisely some clicks and does it terribly effectively too. You can find this feature within the ‘Delete’ cluster on the ‘Home’ tab.

Editing facilities

Obviously, improved editing tools create this suite version a sensible app to use. From editing text to numbers and from audio clips to video and pictures, you will love discovering the piece of writing facilities that comprise adding creative effects, including Smart Art graphics, audio clippings and a host of others. Make your shows and documents visually engaging and positively terribly compelling too.

Sparklines and Slicers

You have to figure on Microsoft Excel 2013 (numbers and stats) day in and out. How regarding creating the numbers and stats return alive? Use the Spark lines and Slicers to arrange the information, highlight significant data, and further review the information while not maneuvering the PivotTable.

Backstage View

With this feature you can currently bring many functions on a typical platform and calculate save, print, and preview settings as per your preference.

Paste Preview

when you ought to paste external content on to the document you're presently exploitation, a simple Paste possibility might ruin this information. You ought to re-format the piece to form it in set with the remainder of the document or pay it slow to replicate the information by accessing totally different tools from the menu. However, not any more. With the Paste Preview option set, you can not solely read however the affixed content can appear as if, you can any command the affixed content to replicate the destination information, just by clicking the possibility. Simple and straight!

Capture Screenshot

If you have to insert an image of your desktop or a picture of a lively window, you can merely use this feature to capture and insert a screenshot and eliminate the protracted method of reaching to the ‘Image Editor’ tool so continuing from there. Talk regarding effectively operating and Microsoft Office 2013 definitely permits you to have it away.

Drag and Drop Navigation

And finally, the handy Navigation Pane lets you move around a document in a very jiffy by light the headings, sub headings and other vital points in a document, at one platform. If you are functioning on giant documents, you will notice this feature particularly handy, easy to use, and very sensible too.

Wait till you have worked on your Microsoft Office 2013 suite and you'll have many different options to feature to the present list!

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