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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013

Following may be a high-level comparison of Office 2013 vs. Office 2010 supported yesterday’s announcement. This is often not a comprehensive list, however rather some highlights.

File formats: constant.
User interface: Office 2013 is far a lot of pill (touch and stylus) friendly. It’s additionally a lot of cleaner: the UI is a smaller amount littered and also the chrome is gone. Besides creating it easier on the eyes, this in all probability takes some load off of the graphics processors, creating the app run quicker on less powerful devices.

Microsoft Word: Documents ar saved to SkyDrive by default (assuming you’re on-line and signed in to your structure account). once signed in to SkyDrive, the system remembers wherever you last were within the document.

Microsoft Excel: Excel watches your actions, acknowledges the pattern, and auto-completes knowledge entry (called “Flash Fill”). It additionally recommends therefore me appropriate Charts and Pivot Tables so you'll be able to choose the simplest one. Users will share workbooks by attaching them to Associate in Nursing IM.

Microsoft PowerPoint: once on-line, you'll be able to add photos from services like Facebook and Flickr while not having to save lots of them 1st to your native computer.
Outlook: Outlook currently supports multiple email accounts, a bit like the iPad has for the past many years.

Microsoft OneNote: Synchronous playback of notes and recordings. you'll be able to record whereas you’re writing, so return to the note and listen to what was same whereas you were writing.

Microsoft Office 365: within the past, Office 365 was all regarding business. In alternative words, Office 365 competed against Google Apps for Business; there was no Microsoft admires the consumer-oriented Google Apps. That has modified. There’s currently Associate in Nursing “Office 365 Home Premium,” that offers software system versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, and Publisher on up to 5 PCs and 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

iPad Support: Unclear. Microsoft presently offers OneNote and Lync for iOS devices. All pill discussion these days focused around Windows eight tablets. therefore it’s unclear whether or not the strategy is (1) back to Windows 1st or (2) we have a tendency to writing a lot of iPad apps however we aren’t talking regarding them nevertheless.

Automatic Saving to SkyDrive: If you’re signed in to SkyDrive, the system saves documents to SkyDrive by default. this is often true for Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher.

I have used Microsoft Office 2016 , Then compared Microsoft Office 2016 vs Microsoft Office 2013 versions........Given below some Differences

1-Microsoft Office 2016 is built for teamwork.

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013

2-Microsoft Office 2016 works for you

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013
3-Microsoft Office 2016 is perfect on Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013
4-Microsoft Office 2016 is the most secure Office

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013
5-Microsoft Office 2016 offers flexible Click-to-Run options

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013
6-Office 2016 has improved Outlook performance

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office 2013

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