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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fix Office 2016 Installation Error 1935

What is the information to resolve "Error 1935" in Microsoft Office 2016?

When putting in Microsoft Office 2016, a window would possibly seem stating that the installation encountered a drag and also the error code is 1935.There are completely different solutions obtainable to unravel the error code 1935.

Here we'll remark the resolution of "Error 1935":

  • Cause of "Error 1935"
  • Solution of "Error 1935"

Cause of "Error 1935"

"Error 1935" may be a resultant of a service within the system disabled or not running. It’s generated by a window s installer once it's unable to access a file or a folder it's additionally a resultant of user not having body rights on the system and attempting to put in the Microsoft Office 2016.
Users follow other ways to put in Microsoft Office 2016. Once the installation is complete the error message can seem stating that the installation couldn't be completed because the established encountered a drag. It a sharing based mostly error and will relate to the recent version already gift on the system. The fixing of this issue begins with closing down all the opposite applications that had been running. There are varied antivirus programs that interfere and don't let the installation to hold on.

Solution of "Error 1935"

Ensure that there's no antivirus program running as a result of it'd interfere into the installation. Flip the system off and take a look at reinstalling of Microsoft Office 2016 once more. Then attempt putting in by removing the previous application and storing it into a removable drive. The installation ought to be possible currently. If the problem still persists it signifies that the license file may need become corrupt and that they ought to be mounted. It will either be done mechanically or manually.

To do it manually go browsing to the system with the executive username and countersign, open a Windows mortal window and click on on ‘tools’. Click on ’View’ tab and consider the hidden files and folders. Click on the choice that says click to ‘Clear the hidden extensions for identified file types’. Open the folder C:Documents and Settings All Users Application knowledge Microsoft Office knowledge, right click on ‘Data.dat’ and click on on properties. Choose the safety tab and permissions, choose all the things within the ‘Permissions’ tab and click on on ‘Edit’. Choose the complete management box and ok. If you continue to notice errors, follow the path: C:Documents and Settings All Users Application knowledge Microsoft Office knowledge and delete the information.dat folder and restart the pc.

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