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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Microsoft Office 365 New Features

what is Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's cloud based platform. It's take services traditionally stored in a server in your office into the cloud which is accessible from anywhere.Microsoft  Office 365 is allow to user take remote access 365 days of the year with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Microsoft office 365 gives world class enterprise data security.

1-Collaborative email platform,allowing you to share mailboxes, calendars and contact lists
2-Instant messaging, video calls and run virtual meetings
3- Edit documents in real time

1-Password protected environment
2-Spam & Malware protection
3-Automatic data backup

Efficiency For All:
1-Microsoft handles server maintenance, Office handles administration and user support
2-Pay as you go 30 day licensing, paid direct to Microsoft along with support services and any other subscription
3-Tailor to suit your business size

Advantages at a Glance:
1- Low initial investments, cost are and remain transparent
2-Rapid implementation
3-Efficient collaboration
4-Work from any location, employees can work on the go

you won't be tied down to an internet connection.Whether you are online or offline,whether you are using a PC, mobile or tablet device. You can get work done virtually anywhere, ant time.
Microsoft Office 365 is built with your security in mind. None of office services are supported by Microsoft, User is no risk of your data being scanned for targeting.Microsoft 365 is designed to help business get started straight away, setup is quick and simple.It's given to you choice between a cloud based solution and on premises solution, or a hybrid to meet your business operational or security needs.

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