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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Activation and Unlicensed Errors In Microsoft Office

When we use Microsoft office in our desktop / laptop and tries directly connecting to internet then office always find out that your Microsoft office product is licensed. If system finds everything is licensed then it's running smoothly otherwise it shows error. This check requires reactivation of license.

When System found activations is fail then Microsoft office software prevent functionality of your product.

After few days your office product is stop working and showing error message like “your product key is stop working”.

I am describing some common step to resolve these issues.

Check Date, Time and Time Zone
1-First close Microsoft office application
2-See right side of your computer, select and click the date and time option.
3-Set Time automatically, If it’s already selected automatically then you have not any option to changed it, but you have to select your local time zone.
4-Restart Microsoft Office again.

Run MS Office as Administrator
1.       First close all Microsoft office application.
2.       Open start button in left side of computer screen.
3.       Type like word in search space and click it.
4.       Right click in the word icon and select run as administrator.
5.       Select yes to allow Office to run as administrator.

Other some issue is preventing to run Microsoft office to run in your computer like:

1-Check your Firewall setting
2-Check your antivirus software

3-check your computer proxy settings

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