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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Change Microsoft Office 2013 Language

How TO Change Microsoft Office 2013 Language

Check to see that you have the Language Settings tool installed along with Office. From the Start menu > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office .... Tools. If you did not find it then make sure it is installed. Control Panel > Programs and Features. Find Office in the list of programs. Do not click on it but right-click on it and choose Change. Navigate through the list of available features, Tools, and see if Language Tools is an option for you.

My Language Settings allows me to add many "editing languages". This may not be what you're looking for. If you do find it, add another "editing language", then your Office programs may still be in Hebrew but editing/document may allow for the other language.

How To Change Office 2013 Display Language

1- Launch an Office 2013 application (Word, Excel or any other).

2-Launch an Office 2013 application (Word, Excel or any other).Go to File menu and click Options to open settings box. In the left pane, click Language tab to see list of installed languages. If you haven’t installed a language pack yet, please follow our how to install Office 2013 language pack guide.

3-Next, under Choose display language, select your new language and click Set as default button. You can also set your new language as the help language by clicking the Set as default button under Help language.

4-Click Ok button. You will be asked to restart the Office program, and doing so will change your Office 2013 display language.

5-You are done!

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