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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What is .WPS file and how to convert WPS file into DOC file?

What is .WPS file and how to convert it into DOC file?

“.WPS” is the extension of Microsoft Works program or you may say it’s a Microsoft Works file. These files were the default file format for Microsoft Works word processing document which has now been discontinued but still there are bunch of .WPS files floating around since it was a smaller, cheaper and lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office.

Simple Handy points to convert .WPS to DOC file-

A.      Download and install the free Microsoft Works 6-9 Converter
B.      Now Click "Start - All Programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Word." Microsoft Word will launch.
C.      Click the "File" menu in the upper left corner and then click "Open." The Open File dialog will appear.
D.      Select "All Files" from the File Type drop-down menu.
E.       Navigate to the Works document you want to open and click the "Open button”. The file will open in Word.
F.       Click the "File" menu and select "Save As."
G.     Select "Microsoft Word Document" from the File Type drop-down menu. Click the "Save" button.

There is also an alternative way to convert, for this you should have to follow the below points-
A.      Open a blank page in MS Word and click on the round button at the top left corner.
B.      Select Open from the drop down.

C.      Browse to the .WPSfile that you want to convert to either .doc or .docx and then click “Open” button at the bottom right corner.

D.      Word will now open the .WPS file for you. Now simply go back to the the top left corner (as you go for point “A”), and choose Save As>Word Document (or just press CTRL+S).

E.       It will save your file to the default file format (in the case of Office 2007-2010 it will be .docx) If you prefer to save the file as .doc or another file type (such as .pdf) then click on the top left corner (as you go for point “A”) and choose Save As>Other formats and in the Save As window that opens, select the file type you want to save to in the drop down box next to Save as type.

Now let’s look at a way to get all .WPS files to open in Word by default. To do this either double-click on the file and choose Select the program from a list, or just right-click on the file and choose Open with>Choose program. In either way you will then be presented with the optional programs capable of opening the file. In this case choose MS Word, check the box at the bottom that says Always use the selected program to open this kind of file and then hit OK. You should then see the file icon for the .WPS file change to show that it is now associated with the MS Word program.

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