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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Features

You can focus on what is important to clean new look for Microsoft Outlook 2013  email, calendar and contacts , provides an overview . Latest version of Outlook email everyday activities much a rational and practical program with interesting features .

The following list features Microsoft Outlook 2013 is one of five define .

1- " filter " position read with one click
Sometimes it's just as important and unread messages are not to be ignored . & Outlook -2013 readily unread messages in your Inbox upper right box " unread " by clicking on the button will .

2 . In this post , read two or three lines
If the message body into a new Outlook-2013 , two or three lines in the foreground of your inbox . , Without opening a separate scan can be a multi- post .

3. create quickly and easily see which of your message
Another interesting aspect of your Outlook quick and easy way to make your message depending on the form or screen resolution size allows . Thank zoom slider at the bottom right corner of the preview window of operation can be found . if you read any other message to the zoom , do not use the value of the slider control .

4 . 'll Never forget you now that , as an attachment to your message
It is often so well . Forgot to add attachments to the message . ? Well do not worry . Then it seems that if your message means that you forgot to add an attachment to Microsoft Outlook 2013, you can advertise .

5. lovely if you get Outlook
Did you ever think that your Outlook account withdrawal ? MS Outlook for 2013 in your account you can dress up with images of your choice . What do you have to celebrate your choice from the impressive collection of themes and color schemes.

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