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Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Export Microsoft Outlook 2013 .pst File

You schedule a backup of Microsoft Outlook , messages, calendar, tasks , events, contacts? Or if you plan to transfer Outlook contacts and other information for Microsoft Outlook 2013 on another computer , then you need to export these items in your Outlook PST file . Therefore, the . Pst file ?

Here we explane the .PST files definition

.PST files are the file table is a personal network that can store e-mail messages , Outlook contact info events calendar appointments and other data from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook Client and Windows messages. When these files in the file and the function cache for Outlook offline as storage table ( . Ost ) is called. Take the backup . Pst files and use the backup file to restore data if you upgrade to Outlook 2003 Outlook if your office is closed and locked or damaged. Once the backup data, you can add these elements in Outlook pst files exported by Outlook 2013.

But first thing first of all follow the steps to get a backup pst file Outlook -

Microsoft Outlook to close the program .
1. Go to "Start" and select "Run ."
2. Type " Control Panel " and press "Enter" key. Therefore , the window "Control Panel " opens.
3. Now double - click on the " email " icon , then select " Profile .
4. Click Outlook profile and select "Properties."
5. Select the data files.
6. Now folders "personal " service you want to keep backup under "Name" choice .
7. If you have multiple . Pst files , saving each file individually.
8. Select "Settings" and drawing freehand on the path and name.
9. When the file size is too large , reduce the size of the " compact now" in the "settings" window.
10. Currently .pst file you noted down on storage devices .

How to export a .PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2003
Now follow these steps to export a .pst file in Outlook 2003.

  1. Go to " File"
  2. Select open and Click the "Export"  Button 
export file

1-Select " Import and Export

  1. The next window, click on the "export to a file"
  2. Select the "next" and " Outlook file (. Pst) data." Click "Next" again.
  3. Username or e -mail address be exported to Microsoft Outlook accounts to choose from.

Tip: If you need to export all the Microsoft Outlook folder tick your account " 2013 " result .

  1. Click "Next" and select "Browse" to locate the file . Pst.
  2. Press " OK ".

Finally, the "end of file to .pst export complete Outlook 2013."

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