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Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Export Microsoft Outlook 2013 .pst File

You schedule a backup of Microsoft Outlook , messages, calendar, tasks , events, contacts? Or if you plan to transfer Outlook contacts and other information for Microsoft Outlook 2013 on another computer , then you need to export these items in your Outlook PST file . Therefore, the . Pst file ?

Here we explane the .PST files definition

.PST files are the file table is a personal network that can store e-mail messages , Outlook contact info events calendar appointments and other data from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook Client and Windows messages. When these files in the file and the function cache for Outlook offline as storage table ( . Ost ) is called. Take the backup . Pst files and use the backup file to restore data if you upgrade to Outlook 2003 Outlook if your office is closed and locked or damaged. Once the backup data, you can add these elements in Outlook pst files exported by Outlook 2013.

But first thing first of all follow the steps to get a backup pst file Outlook -

Microsoft Outlook to close the program .
1. Go to "Start" and select "Run ."
2. Type " Control Panel " and press "Enter" key. Therefore , the window "Control Panel " opens.
3. Now double - click on the " email " icon , then select " Profile .
4. Click Outlook profile and select "Properties."
5. Select the data files.
6. Now folders "personal " service you want to keep backup under "Name" choice .
7. If you have multiple . Pst files , saving each file individually.
8. Select "Settings" and drawing freehand on the path and name.
9. When the file size is too large , reduce the size of the " compact now" in the "settings" window.
10. Currently .pst file you noted down on storage devices .

How to export a .PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2003
Now follow these steps to export a .pst file in Outlook 2003.

  1. Go to " File"
  2. Select open and Click the "Export"  Button 
export file

1-Select " Import and Export

  1. The next window, click on the "export to a file"
  2. Select the "next" and " Outlook file (. Pst) data." Click "Next" again.
  3. Username or e -mail address be exported to Microsoft Outlook accounts to choose from.

Tip: If you need to export all the Microsoft Outlook folder tick your account " 2013 " result .

  1. Click "Next" and select "Browse" to locate the file . Pst.
  2. Press " OK ".

Finally, the "end of file to .pst export complete Outlook 2013."

For More Information and If you looking Microsoft Support then click and talk to customer support executive.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Features

You can focus on what is important to clean new look for Microsoft Outlook 2013  email, calendar and contacts , provides an overview . Latest version of Outlook email everyday activities much a rational and practical program with interesting features .

The following list features Microsoft Outlook 2013 is one of five define .

1- " filter " position read with one click
Sometimes it's just as important and unread messages are not to be ignored . & Outlook -2013 readily unread messages in your Inbox upper right box " unread " by clicking on the button will .

2 . In this post , read two or three lines
If the message body into a new Outlook-2013 , two or three lines in the foreground of your inbox . , Without opening a separate scan can be a multi- post .

3. create quickly and easily see which of your message
Another interesting aspect of your Outlook quick and easy way to make your message depending on the form or screen resolution size allows . Thank zoom slider at the bottom right corner of the preview window of operation can be found . if you read any other message to the zoom , do not use the value of the slider control .

4 . 'll Never forget you now that , as an attachment to your message
It is often so well . Forgot to add attachments to the message . ? Well do not worry . Then it seems that if your message means that you forgot to add an attachment to Microsoft Outlook 2013, you can advertise .

5. lovely if you get Outlook
Did you ever think that your Outlook account withdrawal ? MS Outlook for 2013 in your account you can dress up with images of your choice . What do you have to celebrate your choice from the impressive collection of themes and color schemes.

Import .pst File Data in Microsoft Outlook 2013

There are several ways you can transfer data from a PST file import file in Microsoft Outlook 2013 Import / Export Wizard is one of them . Look no further if you are too much for simple measures that you can import in search of files. It is here that the need to explain the exact format . For beginners, you can use Microsoft Outlook 2003 items such as contacts, tasks, notes, etc. for other import directories on your PC and take care of your security here for your reference and use .

Simple step - by-step process you can follow:

  1. Click and Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 .
  2. On the File menu, click Open and Export 'and' Import / Export ' button.
  3. Standard import is selected from another program or file , and this is not the case , select it and click "Next".
  4. " The Outlook Data File ( . Pst) " and click "next".
  5. Click " Browse" and select the PST file you want to import.
  6. Click " Open" and click "Next"
  7. Enter the folder you want to select For import.
  8. At the end Click Finish Button .

That's all . It's simple , right? Now that you know the steps, data from pst file in your e -mail program and retrieved unchanged in a safe place for future use is without problems.

Find Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

If you're a productivity suite for Microsoft Office installed on your plan 2013 Windows-based PC to your suite , generally based on the key 25-character product you purchased . This key is important to you , because it is only with this key, you can validate and thus begins the installation process . A later point given, must be present if a problem is the lack of my operating system is wrong - your suite (again after the OS installed of course) and get the product key to reinstall applications.

For now it will ... This is not the case ? Imagine, if you are looking for the product key because of its importance and could not , you are able to install or start the installation process again , what would you do ? OK , we're here to help you. The following steps can see how you mentioned you can easily find the product key and began working ...

1- First, where you can find the product key for Microsoft Office 2013 , of course, the package. You are well on your care package , you usually X-X-X-X appears as part of a 25-digit code should be able to find .

2- Search on the back of the card in the deck is the perfect place to another . Regardless of whether there Suite distributor if you bought a DVD was included in the package are particularly timely .

3-Another way to get the code of the key is using a third party program. There are many such programs, and you can use a light. However, before use, check the reputation of the software developer .

3-If you bought in the United States , chances are you already have the product key is installed after the act referred to authentic receipt, you can find.

4-The last and best resort (location) , you can choose to contact the technical support services of Microsoft. They created a new search or your product key, if necessary.

Microsoft Office product key is an important validation of MS Office 2013. You can use this convenient and secure , as it as and when required . Immersion bay despite this, you must look for it or difficulties. You can easily see the points above and Call to Microsoft Customer Support Number 1-800-642-7676.

Microsoft Office 2013 Repair

Will you stop your Microsoft Office 2013 application because of boring error messages that kills your productivity ? Or does your office application crashes during installation ? Your Office applications is not working properly ? Well, before you try to remove and reinstall your Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite or stop completely , try to repair your Office installation for best results . Or you have problems while installing software on Microsoft Windows 7 or Office 2013, an 8 on the Windows-based computer, our incremental solution can help you to repair and install Office application suite on your computer.

Microsoft Office 2013 recovery on a computer that is running Windows 7

  1. Click "Start " button and go to the control panel.
  2. Select Programs, and then click Programs and Features.
  3. Click the Office program you want to restore.
  4. Click Edit, then click on the quick repair . "
  5. Once the repair is complete , restart your computer.

Microsoft Office 2013 on a Windows 8 computer repair

  1. Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel or press the Windows logo key + X get a list of commands and options.
  2. Click the Office 2013 program that you want to restore.
  3. Click Edit, then click on the quick repair . "
  4. Once the repair is complete , restart your computer.

If you still have problems with Microsoft Office 2013 software even after running a repair install, you need help from an expert who successfully Office 2013 on your computer to start Windows 7/Windows 8.Call to Microsoft Customer toll-free number 1-800-642-7676.

Microsoft Office 2013 Setup Error

Productivity and mobility to present the latest productivity suite of Microsoft Office with the goal of 2013. World-class solutions for the home, as well as business users Although it offers the best manufacturing solutions , sometimes you have a large number of errors in production software set up on your computer while you are facing . " There is an error in a Microsoft Office Setup . " It is a mistake that this error , including inadequate system requirements , Office suite , and the presence of a damaged registry has caused the previous corrupt drivers , antivirus software may have different reasons for the presence of crop .

If you can make your Office 2013 productivity suite , set while attempting to receive this error message, then we can help you to fix this error in no time . Follow your fork arons and install on your computer Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite :

1. minimum system requirements
Office 2013 installed on your computer before , you must install at least 2013 system requirements office computer that hobby . Disable your antivirus program and the file setup . exe file is run with administrator privileges . For this installation . exe , right-click the file and select 'Run as administrator '

Office 2013 only Windows 7 , Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 versions is compatible with . Other hardware requirements by 1 GHz processor , 1 GB RAM , 3 GB of disk space and 2 DirectX 10 compatible graphics card.

2. Remove the old Office programs
In addition , a previous version of Office on your computer , remove it. Although the Agency has replaced the previous edition of Office 2013 automatically , but still in some cases , such errors can be born . Therefore it is recommended to completely remove the previous version of Office .

3. Update your programs
Ensure that all programs on your computer , updates and all the latest updates it. If that is not the case , then download all the updates from the Windows Update Center . You can also visit the individual product web site for the latest updates .

4. To fix all registry errors
Office productivity suite for your system registry corruption cases can lead while setting until 2013 . Solve all the problems of the registry. To
I. Open the Registry Editor window of the run.
II . press Windows + R keystone , open the run window .
III. Type " regedit . Exe " and click OK .
IV. Enter your admin password and continue .
V. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows NT curantorughn > apcompetflag . >>>>
VI . apcompetflag key backup and delete it now .
VII . Now you run the installation , Office 2013 again .
If you are still having problems after you install on your computer or the Microsoft Office 2013 suite at the toll free number , please call us .
Microsoft Customer Support Number : 1-800-642-7676

Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Create Macros in Microsoft Word 2013?

Using macro in Microsoft Word 2013

Macros are great feature in Microsoft Word that can help you save time by not doing the same thing over and over again . You only need to record a macro to do your regular work in his voice Microsoft Office Word 2013 's document formats such as changing the font size in a macro and use it over and over again to format a document later in the future.

So you go and check how to record a macro

• Go to the View tab

• Use the drop-down menu , select the macro recording

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

Choose your name for Marcos

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

  • Use the keyboard shortcut keyboard Add button to the macro (can use this key combination to run the macro )

• Select the key combination you set shortcuts , such as pressing Alt + Ctrl + A and then assign

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

• In the next step begins to record, for example , if you want to change the format of formatting Tahoma 10

• Now, to stop recording the macro, go to the View tab and select Stop Recording from the group
Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

Tip: You can pause and resume later

To run a macro using the shortcut to run the macro and can also use the list box macro execution

Tip: You must save the document with macros to retrieve the document later

Save the document with macros

• Select Save from the File tab

• Open the document in Word Macro-Enabled save as type drop-down menu

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Error 25004

We trying to install office 2013 and  get an error message, saying that:

MS Office 2013: "Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine"

There are two way to resolve Microsoft Office 2013 install Error 25004

Firts Solution -

  1. Download and install the Windows Install Cleaner.
  2. Once installed, run the program from the Start Menu.
  3. Remove all the entries related to Microsoft Office and close the program.

Second Solution -

  1. Close all Office programs.
  2. Download and run this fix:
  3. Restart the computer and try installing again.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What is .WPS file and how to convert WPS file into DOC file?

What is .WPS file and how to convert it into DOC file?

“.WPS” is the extension of Microsoft Works program or you may say it’s a Microsoft Works file. These files were the default file format for Microsoft Works word processing document which has now been discontinued but still there are bunch of .WPS files floating around since it was a smaller, cheaper and lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office.

Simple Handy points to convert .WPS to DOC file-

A.      Download and install the free Microsoft Works 6-9 Converter
B.      Now Click "Start - All Programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Word." Microsoft Word will launch.
C.      Click the "File" menu in the upper left corner and then click "Open." The Open File dialog will appear.
D.      Select "All Files" from the File Type drop-down menu.
E.       Navigate to the Works document you want to open and click the "Open button”. The file will open in Word.
F.       Click the "File" menu and select "Save As."
G.     Select "Microsoft Word Document" from the File Type drop-down menu. Click the "Save" button.

There is also an alternative way to convert, for this you should have to follow the below points-
A.      Open a blank page in MS Word and click on the round button at the top left corner.
B.      Select Open from the drop down.

C.      Browse to the .WPSfile that you want to convert to either .doc or .docx and then click “Open” button at the bottom right corner.

D.      Word will now open the .WPS file for you. Now simply go back to the the top left corner (as you go for point “A”), and choose Save As>Word Document (or just press CTRL+S).

E.       It will save your file to the default file format (in the case of Office 2007-2010 it will be .docx) If you prefer to save the file as .doc or another file type (such as .pdf) then click on the top left corner (as you go for point “A”) and choose Save As>Other formats and in the Save As window that opens, select the file type you want to save to in the drop down box next to Save as type.

Now let’s look at a way to get all .WPS files to open in Word by default. To do this either double-click on the file and choose Select the program from a list, or just right-click on the file and choose Open with>Choose program. In either way you will then be presented with the optional programs capable of opening the file. In this case choose MS Word, check the box at the bottom that says Always use the selected program to open this kind of file and then hit OK. You should then see the file icon for the .WPS file change to show that it is now associated with the MS Word program.

More- Microsoft Office Support

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Free Download Microsoft Office Communicator 2013

Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 , better sound quality and faster with more and more connectivity as well as an option to provide instant messaging takes a big step. Other messaging clients such as Windows Live user , eliminating the need to download Messenger c . All messages with the help of Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 now . Working extremely simple, live chat office and a very advanced piece of software that creates the connection. Using IP audio connection option is not an option to respond to emails . Let's look at this tool.

How to download Microsoft Office 2013 communication

What's going on here , " Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 can be downloaded in two important ways says:

1: you're a Microsoft Office Communicator Microsoft Office 2013 by using the website , you can download a . Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 for direct download and you are using Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 offers you the latest update if users.

Available for free download . However, some of the features of Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 , a beta version and therefore are not available.

2: the best way to talk to the other beta download Microsoft Office 2013 Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 now option allows other websites offering a download .

The size is not much, and it takes about 30 minutes using a modem kb . Download speed and bandwidth, full service provider of Internet , however , on the basis that is not guaranteed . Usually , it's not easy to install and installation problems .

The benefits of Microsoft Office Communicator 2013

1. When you start a session instant messaging messaging users , an IP voice call using this tool or a line item in the email recipients of Microsoft Outlook 2013 automatically provides a reference for the search appears. As you can see the date and details of its most useful members own .

2 . Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 , another very famous in the history tab. His most recent to show your chat , email , discussion of participants , as well as current state at the time the project name and name of participants allowed. Microsoft Office Communicator , the user requirements and applicable in 2013 are synchronized and each workstation is extremely useful to communicate more to work on a single document. To provide a very small room for contact extremely easy progress.

3 . If the user is not in his job, even if it is a good option in a conversation, a receive a message to alert the user to the relay to display on the screen for a small notification begins.

Click Here and Downlaod

Most Common Microsoft Office 2013 Errors

Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest productivity suite from the creators of Windows. This in many ways, than its predecessors , with an extended version . A happy experience that can work for you , there is no surprise in this. Nothing on earth, how he survived , however, to keep a couple of mistakes or Microsoft Office 2013 is the exception. Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft often package users such as PowerPoint , some errors while working on several programs in 2013 , they have to face. With this article you will find that consumers are usually intended to bring errors ( destiny , if you have not ) and also some tips that can help you resolve.

Microsoft Office 2013 bug?
This intervention is designed to be a productivity suite , ngarug error as unable to agree with the user can , in fact, it is hard to imagine. But the reality is that mistakes and abundant . Microsoft Office 2013 for most of the problems , mistakes occasionally leads to a blockage of the PC hang and smooth to prevent the installation of the update, can be avoided. The problems of these errors can make it difficult to access the Windows Installer service can also cause . Microsoft Office 2013 errors can also occur because applications for authorization or sharing .

The most common mistake , Microsoft Office 2013
During the work of this error production suite several different users. But here we are more ready to above in the name of the computer users have tried mistake . Different programs may have errors , so be careful !

Microsoft Office 2013 in case of error 1935
Perhaps it is the most common mistake of most forums and websites and talk about your DIY installation . NET Framework Windows will find the chapters , to read on your PC will fail when you'll likely for this error may be due to exposure . . NET framework software , advanced graphics capabilities using the PC on display. While the Windows operating system your PC read properly, then you will not be able to offer the best. It is easy to solve this error. This is a version of . NET on your PC or reinstall the update can be done. Update and install the problems at the end of the repair . As an alternative , you can find the latest version . NET and install on your website from your computer to the Microsoft Official exam review .

Error Microsoft Office Access 2013
This screen " Windows Installer Service can not be accessed " error message when you try to add or remove programs, you can be sure your error in Microsoft Office 2013. This error normally when Windows Installer application file on your computer or is unavailable or unusable, or the registry is damaged when it occurs. To install the Windows Installer on the right is the best choice for this error. It is a flexible way to perform on your computer. Some dll files , which requires the installer to register again .

Configuration Error
If you are a Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus try to install and configure an error of success , it can only create a new administrator account and log in , and start the installation program.

Now that you know the common mistakes , you're ready to deal with them . In the face of any of the above errors the next time you know where to go . Of course , you have to go back to this article and try to solve the problems listed here .

Microsoft Office 2013 Setup or Installing Errors

If you have reached this page because you can install Office Software Microsoft Office 2013 with his efforts did not get frustrated , we all know that the best from Microsoft yet . If you have a message , "and white screen no installation " tired look , you can also block his mistake and immediately started using it on a PC Suite for this page tips here .

We provide you with the installation of the most common mistakes that usually a list of users in the face. We can apply , start simple reforms that refers to .

If you still have no deal with installation errors , please. But you know the practical details still article and a person who is near you can read through .

This is a list of errors in the installation of Microsoft Office 2013 :

Error 1935: Microsoft. Net framework error 1935 , damaged or lost , or if it has been damaged. Adoary is the presence of malware or frame damage has stopped from creating simple software . This error occurs on Windows OS , if you first try to repair the damage by frame. To do this , go to Control Panel , uninstall the program setting and then visit to complete the repair process , click on the desired option. In this case , the description of our articles . Study of comprehensive information and facts 
Error 2203 : error if, during the installation of the individual in general, or Microsoft Office 2013 products when installed on a computer running Windows. Users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 , you may find the error more often than others. This is a permission error occurs and when the temporary folder may be slightly out of bounds or insufficient permissions can not access the Windows default installation of Microsoft Office. To resolve this issue , you can perform a " clean boot " and tried to reinstall the program.

Error 1706 when you use that install and try installing this error usually occurs . Some of the most common causes of this error , for installation of the program management and the lack of an installation site on the network if you " If you cancel your are prompted to insert the installation CD, including " is selected. As a workaround , you can use an administrative installation point alternative network or create a folder on your hard disk. For CD- ROM , you can also try using Microsoft Office source location .

Error 1402 : Setup Error Microsoft Office Error 1402 should be large or small is no exception. After you enable user profiles work on passive , or not, especially if you have Windows 95, you may encounter this error or Windows Edition, and to solve this problem , run the installation program when you close your user profile. So that does not work , try starting with a different profile or clear , and before you try to reinstall a backup of the registry Suite even better use of the Tool Control Registry .

When the installation step 4 : This is probably the most aglist because you are almost over and yet will hold back anything. Many users of Microsoft Office 2013 installation process step 4 stopped suddenly , looking for their computer and try to install either in service or return to the previous step to run again . To resolve this problem , you can use the system registry clean fix this unit.

Setup Error Office 2010

If you are a user of the computer, you can try to fix it manually . To do this , click the Microsoft Office 2013 uninstall racing 2013 entry :

1 go to start menu run type appwiz.cpl Cpl .

2 in the list , click Microsoft Office 2013 Scroll down and click on race in 2013

3 Select " Remove" or "Uninstall " and wait until the process finished 

Office2010 set up Error

4 Microsoft Office 2013 download , and then , at the beginning of the installation

If the above tips do not help , or you try to fix it yourself uncomfortable , call for reform and auga handle technicians. We work 24 × 7 and the installation of Microsoft Office 2013 to fix the errors , you can help us at the time of your convenience.

Free create an email profile in Microsoft Outlook 2013

If your e-mail profile Microsoft Outlook your favorite Show 2013 questions, you can create another profile in the program to work is easy. Also , if you send and receive e -mail too much from your profile in the program, you may very well choose to create separate email accounts to perform various tasks. This way you can separate the profile you want to use for us who would say makes business communication that allows you to take care of your personal communication. Here are the steps that you can use to create an email profile on your Windows 7 computer .

Are you ready to learn the steps ?
1-Click on "Start" button .
2-Go to " Control Panel."
3-Click on " user accounts and family safety.
4-Click on the " email ( Microsoft Outlook 15) ."
5-In the email setup Outlook " , click on" View Profile " .
6-In the " General " tab under " When starting Microsoft Office Outlook , use this profile, click on " ask for a profile to be used " .
7-Click on " Add".
8-Enter the name you want to use for the new email profile, and then click " OK " in the " name " .
9-Type your account information in the boxes required , and then click " next " .
10-Click " Done" and click ' OK'.
By following the above steps , you can create as many profiles as you need and therefore better manage the data that you send e-mail. Ensure that concrete steps so that you can refer to them as and when you need.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Keygen And Product Key

Are You Looking for the activation of Microsoft Office 2013 Keygen crack?

Microsoft Office 2013 (Old Office 15) is the latest version of the productivity suite Microsoft Office Microsoft Windows and the successor to Microsoft Office 2010. 2013, the Bureau expanded file format support, any updates user interface and support for contact day. Office 2013 for IA-32 and 64 and requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, either. Office 2013 includes Windows RT.

After downloading the installer file and get your keygen and activation. key gen to install Office 2013 and enjoy your new Microsoft Office 2013.

Click Here And Download

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key 

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key for Professional Plus
If you want to activate by phone for free then use this method :)
There are more Product keys bellow and also in the decription.

1.Install Office 2013
2.Before activate disconnect internet! Open Word 2013
3.Use the activation key above
4.Enter the product key
5.Activation wizard click phone activation
6.Next step select UK and use skype for free call above free number
***[This step you can reconnect internet again]
7.Dial phone and if you have been ask:
Q:Product key for home or business
A:Home [Dial 1]
after giving installation ID final question
Q:How many computer you want to use it
A:1 [Dial 1]
8.You will get Confirmation ID. Use the Conf. ID then next to activate it.

Office 2013 Pro Plus MSDN Retail Keys:

Office 2013 Visio Plus MSDN Retail Keys:


Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to open a Microsoft .wps or Works file in MS Word 2013

To display a file in Microsoft WPS works in Microsoft Word , you will need a converter that can display Microsoft Word files. Microsoft provides a free file , also known as wp6rtf with Microsoft Word 2000 , 2002, 2003 and 2007,MS Office 2013 support and can open Microsoft Works 4.0 documents, 6.0, 7.0 and 9.0.
After downloading the file, please follow the steps below .

Please close all Microsoft Word window .
Double-click the file wp6rtf.exe that runs without instructions or additional information.
After the file seems to open Microsoft Word were performed .
Microsoft Word , click File and then opens .
In the opened window, in the drop-down menu " File type ": " now you have works 4.0 for Windows (*. ) " WPS ) "," works 6.0 and 7.0 ( *) " WPS" ) "and" . works 7.0 (*. ) " " WPS ) .
Select the appropriate version of the work. If you're unsure , try 6.0 and 7.0.
It would be open , browse to the location of the works and opens the file .

After opening the file is not formatted correctly

Depending on how the file was created in Microsoft Works and is formatted in some situations may be able to open the file, but it looks weird because the format is not converted correctly . In this case, try to open the file as a different version. If this does not work , unfortunately , you must manually change the formatting in the Word document , if desired , for which display correctly .

Save the file as a Word file

Would you still use this file, or that is compatible with Microsoft Word , follow these steps .
After opening the file and edited , if necessary , click File and select Save As .
Select Save from the location to save the file.
Type a name for the file and save as type dropdown, select Microsoft Word Document (*. Doc) .
Click OK or finally in the store.

Direct Download Free Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

This is the final RTM version , and you can use it for 2 months without any problems. There is no limitation or restriction , is a fully functional copy of 2013.

But some people have complained about the download process. To download the trial version , you must first register , can get your free copy with your Windows Live ID and then you will . Some people may not want to convey the process and non-personal information to Microsoft.

That is why today , in this topic , we will give you the direct link to download the version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. Download for all available languages ​​are listed links. Just click on the desired download link and start the download immediately.

These are the two links to download the 32- bit version and 64-bit . So if you do not register before downloading the trial version of Office 2013 , you can download, directly at the following link :

Note : You will receive ein.IMG file and you have to extract it with a program like 7-Zip archive. After extracting the file , you will receive a folder with all necessary files to the configuration. Just run to install the file "Setup.exe" Office 2013 in your system.

You still need to register to receive the Product Key , Office 2013 product activation . But these direct download links will save you time and not have to depend application download from Microsoft that is Java Runtime Environment installed required.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (32-bit)

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (64-bit)

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 (32-bit)

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 (64-bit)

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 (32-bit)

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 (32-bit)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Download Free Microsoft Office 2013 Activator

The Enable Office 2013 you when you activate Office 2013 active VL Edition:
With active and this is the full version of this very active active assistance in your office that has many advanced features thus before the Office 2013 Metro style is amazing and if you are, for example, it is easy to get it here .

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well and today I thought I'd share KMSpic v4 (v 4.0 installation directory KMSpic brand installed portable version repack ) with you , the software , so that the behavior of KMSnan Similarly, but in a different way and easy way to activate your Microsoft product. So give it a try and enjoy

KMSpic is ideal for v4- to activate the final version of Windows 7 and Office 2010/2012/2013 . Does not require user intervention to allow any link? This process is active in the background and after a few minutes to check the activation status of Windows or Office .

• Universal (Windows Vista/7/8 Pro / Enterprise / n. / VL and Office 2010 VL detail in 2013. )
• Require user intervention ( enough to run a VB) .
• Synchronous and immediately in Windows and Office .

With KMSpic you can:
• Activate Windows 7 enterprise
• Activate Windows 7 Professional
• Activate Microsoft Office 2013.
• Microsoft Office Visio.
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2013.
• Activation of Microsoft Office 2010
• Activate Visio Microsoft Office 2010
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2010
• Activate Windows 7 enterprise
• Activate Windows 7 Professional
• To activate Windows Vista Business
• To enable the professional Windows Vista

- Requirements:
- Requirements: . NET 4.0 or Windows 9.
- Activate Windows Vista/7/8 and Office 2010 in 2013.
- Windows Server 2008R2/2008/2012