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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Download Microsoft Office 2013 All Versions

Microsoft group has unconfined the next version of Microsoft Office collection, called Microsoft Office 2013 or so called Office 365 glance. Previous to, this office suite was code named as Office 15, and is now released to community for free download as Microsoft Office 2013 beta.

Microsoft Office 2013 consumer glance edition comes with a lot of new features, new metro UI and built in facility to edit pdf files. The download file existing for Microsoft Office 2013 is by non-payment offered as a basic installer and the absolute package will be downloaded via network with the necessary installer. But at the present you can get the full installer for Microsoft Office 2013 straight from Microsoft website. Check the office 2013 download files particular at the last part of post.

The most amazing thing is that this version of MS Office 2013 will not support Windows XP or Windows Vista. You’ll involve Windows 7 or Windows 8 to install office 2013.

Description of Microsoft Office 2013/ MS Office 365

    1-Metro UI: Quick and flowing crossing point
 2-   Build/ alter documents using keyboard, marker or touchscreen
  3-  keep your work to SkyDrive or SharePoint and entrance from anywhere.
   4- join with Facebook and notice your updates beside with your mail accounts.
    5-original convert mode available for word documents for a clear and resolute reading experience on small and big screens.
    6-Attach with skype on Office 2013 which includes 60 mins of free international calls every month.
  7-  High definition video conferencing.

Computer/Laptops needs for installing Microsoft Office 2013

   1- 1GHZ or greater x86/x64 processor
   2-1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB for 64bit
   3-  3.5Gb free hard disk space.
   4-Supported O.S: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer.
   5- Graphics: Directx10 graphics card /1024×576 resolution

How to install Microsoft Office 2013/ MS Office 365

There are two way to install MS Office 2013

(a) Online installer for MS Office 2013

First You have download a small setup files for Ms Office 2013 after that chick and running the setup file,It’s complete package of MS Office 2010 and it’s downloaded from directly to network.If you are looking to install this Ms Office 2013 for multiple system then it’s not working properly and such a case you have down the online installer for MS Office 2013 for this link.

(b) Offline installer for MS Office 2013(Recommended)
This is the complete package of Microsoft Office 2013 preview edition. Once you download this setup files, you can install Office 2013 in any number of PC’s.

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