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Friday, December 13, 2013

Create Microsoft Office word 2013 Macros

How to Create Microsoft Office word 2013 Macros

Macros are excellent characteristic of Microsoft word which could facilitate you to accumulate time by check you to do same action over and over again. You immediately need to record a macro to do your repeating jobs in Microsoft Office word 2013 for example record changing a document format by changing font, size in a Macro and you could use it over and over time for formatting a document later in future.

In order to record a macro
• Go to view tab
• Use Macros drop down list to choose Record Macro

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013
Select proper name option for Marcos

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

  • Using keyboard button in order to add shortcut key for Macro (you could use this shortcut key later to run Macro)

• Choose combination of keys in order to enter shortcut for example press Alt+Ctrl+A and then choose assign
Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

  • In next step start to record for example change formatting of document to Tahoma and change size to 10
• Now to stop recording Macros Go to view Tab and choose Stop recording from Macros group

 Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

Tips: You could to pause and later resume
In order to execute macro use shortcut key to run macro and also you could use run from macros drop down list
Tips: you need to save your document with macro in order to retrieve your document later
In order to save document with macro
• Choose save as from file tab
• In open window Word Macro-Enabled document in save as type drop down list

Create Microsoft Office Macros 2013

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