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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outbox Email stuck in Outlook 2010

If a message seems to be stuck in the Outbox, continue with the following steps to remove the message of suspension or see a bad connection to the mail server will stop the message of the mission.

Canceled message compensation

To delete e-mail arrest, follow these steps:
In Outlook, click Send / Receive tab, and then click Work Offline.

Note: This prevents Outlook tries to send all emails.
Select the Outbox. Now you can:
Move the message to: Move the message to the Drafts folder. You can transfer the message to the Drafts folder, or you can right-click the message, select Move, select another folder, then select the Drafts folder in the list.

Note: This opens large messages by e-mail, and remove, resize and re-add the attachment before groped again to resend the e-mail.
Delete message: Right-click the message and select Delete.

IMPORTANT: If you receive the message "Outlook sends the message" close Outlook and wait outside. You can use the Windows Task Manager to make sure that it has completed the process Outlook.exe. Restart Outlook, and repeat the above steps to move or delete e-mail messages.

Click Send / Receive tab, and then click Offline selection. Restart the connection.

Note: The above steps are essential for the removal of corrupt e-mail or an e-mail with an attachment that exceeds the size limit set by the mail server. If the file you are trying to connect to e-mail a large file, consider the following options:
At work, put large files on a local network or a SharePoint site in your company and include a link to your site in the e-mail.
At home, you use Windows Live SkyDrive to store and send large files with friends and family. For more information on how to use SkyDrive, visit SkyDrive.

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