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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Microsoft's Office 2010 Complete Guide

Of course, a direct response to Google Apps, Microsoft scatter light, free version of the web browser Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. All based in the cloud, the web version of this product has fewer features than their desktop cousins ​​but still give users basic tools to edit and change documents.

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint and just upgraded to a new version of the browser, but also a lot of bells and whistles that have been added to the desktop version. Users can now video editing tool status (ability to iMovie is not very different), and based image editing tool, Adobe Photoshop, a simple version has the ability to edit video and images within PowerPoint. Microsoft is also a spirited exchange with other users, enabling users to launch WebEx functions added. So create a slide show in PowerPoint, real-time (can be run on Sharepoint) and share it with others.

In video editing tools such as PowerPoint, look:

If you want to share a cabin, you can send e-mail to contact people. Click on the link, they will see a slide show using a browser. This feature can also be used in a mobile phone browser. You can also create a slideshow version of the desktop, and then publish to the web version of access through a browser. A PowerPoint version of the browser is a tool for video editing, but most of the functionality of the 2008 version of the browser.

Excel 2010

Excel spreadsheets can now in the browser, PowerPoint and so on can be done using the tables in version naršyklėje.Naršyklės desktop version of Excel limited features, but offers more functionality than Google. Microsoft has added a particularly innovative feature called sparklines, which gives a visual snapshot image data trend over time in the cells. You can also share Excel via the browser with other users, and specific licenses for who can view the document.

Here's what the web version of Excel looks like:

Word 2010

Bryant said that one piece of feedback from a number of users to create Microsoft Word documents, they want to keep documents created in the desktop version of the browser appearance. Microsoft calls this "document fidelity" and therefore create a browser version of MS Word. Browser, documents retain the same look and feel as the desktop. Version of the browser in the Ribbon user interface, where you can change the font, size, format, style, and so on.

Web versions of Word images:

Microsoft has also updated the desktop version, which is a common theme, so multiple users can edit a document at. This cooperation is not available in the online version, unfortunately. Microsoft says that users do not want this feature, but it can be a way to protect the Office revenue model.

When two people are editing the same document (desktop version) at the same time, Word notify each user when there are changes to be synchronized with your dokumentom.Copy / paste function of the desktop version also got an upgrade, you can watch the show live preview feature Pastor . Paste functions are also advanced options to create and insert screenshots. To navigate through a long document easier, Word now has a visual navigation pane and section header breakdown which makes it easy to move around the different documents.

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 offers a new ribbon user interface, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The interface for the e-mail conversation has been upgraded to look almost like a message tree, allowing users more visual e-mails and calls. The search function has been improved, making it much easier to find content. In addition, you can view e-mails schedules and choose to ignore selective email conversations.

SharePoint 2010

Like Outlook, Sharepoint now ribbon user interface, which makes the product document hosting more similar to Microsoft Word product line. You can tag authors of documents now and can share documents and files easier.

Microsoft says that its browser versions have been tested in all major browsers other than Internet Explorer, including Firefox and Safari. Office 2010 remains being tested and reworked to work on Chrome. Microsoft has also announced that it simplifies the number of Office editions 8-5. Office Web applications will be available in three ways: through Windows Live, where consumers will have access to Office Web applications at no cost through the fixed versions, and via Microsoft Online Services, where customers can purchase a subscription of MS Office. Microsoft says Office 2010 will be available in the first half of next year.

The most important part of all this news is a free, Web versions of Microsoft Office products more popular. Bryant says that Microsoft expects to navigation products are particularly popular among students, but I think Web-based application will be very popular in the enterprise space as well, as long as there are precautions to put documents in a secure part of the cloud.

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