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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Microsoft Office 2010 Click-to-Run technology ?

Microsoft offers a new way to download and install the Microsoft Office 2010 products. This technique is called Microsoft Office Click-to-Run.

Click-to-Run Office new broadband customers to obtain Microsoft Office and to update Office 2010. Click-to-Run Office Microsoft virtualization and streaming technologies.

Products Click-to-Run Office uses a similar technology to watch live streaming video online. When you look at the video Web, you can watch the first part of the video before the entire file is downloaded. In the same way you can start using Office 2010 before the whole suite or product is downloaded when you use Office Click-to-Run. So, the rest of Office 2010 available for download in the background quietly while you use Office 2010.

Currently only Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 and Microsoft Office Starter 2010 on Office Click-to-Run, which includes the following applications in Office 2010: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Word Starter and Excel Starter.

Products Click-to-Run Office also uses Microsoft virtualization technology that stores the virtual application in Office 2010. This virtual space separates Office 2010 system as the default file and other applications on your computer. This separation makes the tape side of Office 2010 with all current versions of Office that is already installed on your computer. There are other advantages of Click-to-Run Office.

Click-to-Run products also almost half the disk space normal products will be repaired completely and will not break other software installed on your computer because they are private copies of all records and registration.

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