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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why Should You Use Microsoft Sharepoint 2010?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has taken the world by storm. Never before was such an easy, flexible and robust tool developed for sharing and collaboration within an organization.

Microsoft SharePoint offers a large number of components which provide high levels of functionality which makes creating and running an Intranet website almost a child’s play.

1) Ease of access: Solutions developed on SharePoint can be accessed over internet on every platform and web browser. Intranet websites can also be configured to be viewable on mobile phones.

2) Empowering site owners: SharePoint solutions provide its users large set of tools to create sites, administer and moderate them. Users can develop fully functional sites to be used over the intranet without needing much technical knowledge.

3) Centralized repository: The sheer amount of data generated can overwhelm any system. Maintenance, distribution and searching the documents become major challenges. To add to the problems, single document is shared over multiple teams and individuals. In such cases determining the latest version can be problematic. Let’s take a simple example. In a traditional system, a team member may share a document with other team members through email. Later on, another team member edited the document on his end. Now, there will be multiple version of the same document distributed among many people. To avoid this conflict, SharePoint stores a document in a document library. Whenever it has to be shared, only the URL is distributed making sure only the latest version of document is accessed.

4) Alerts system: SharePoint uses alerts to keep all the team members defined in the configuration to receive alert emails whenever any modifications are done. These alerts can be configured. These alerts can be configured to receive immediately, at a fixed time or be sent as an RSS feed.

5) Ease of search: Using SharePoint meta data can be attached to any document uploaded to the document library which makes it easier to be searched. This is a big departure from the traditional file sharing. A file can be relevant across many departments. In a file share, it will be displayed in only a single location. But using SharePoint, a document library can have a view which filters the document displayed based on the document meta data stored in a custom column. Thus the single document can appear to be in more than one location and be linked to within the SharePoint site.

6) Access to users outside the intranet: While an intranet website is used within an organization. A website created using SharePoint can be configured to give access to outside groups such as customers using authentication.

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