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Monday, January 9, 2012

Using Microsoft Office Mondo 2010

After the installation is finished and the computer is available in Microsoft Office Mondo 2010, next is to use one of the applications in Microsoft Office Mondo 2010. To run and utilize the most of Microsoft Word 2010 Mondo how much can be done, but in general, is by clicking the icon on the desktop or click the Windows Start button, then select Programs, then click on the Office group and double-click the Microsoft Word 2010 that Mondo You will be executed.

To start Microsoft Word 2010 Mondo basically the same when you start to run Microsoft Word XP or 2003. And after showing the picture as you have 2-1 actual work or typing a report or write a script. Will only be better if you specify what type or layout used to create reports or you have any posts.

Mondo Microsoft Word 2010 offers several options in terms of making the document, this application is to indulge in users. There is a choice to write the document with the usual blank select Document, select the template that is available, can also select the Featured, Agendas, Calendars, Brochures, Envelopes, and so forth. All facilities can be selected according to desire, only when the documentation is not yet complete your template, you must use the Microsoft Office Online option and of course the computer that is used must be connected to the Internet network.

If you are still unsure of your ability, Microsoft Office 2010 Mondo provides online training through the New Document option under the Office Online option and click the tab or the Featured option. Featured in the fields below you will see Office online and underneath there are more options Download, Online training and templates. Click one of the options that you want.

To write or type in general, you can select Blank Document. Only, of course, after you type all that should be set any posts related to, for example, hururf type, font size, left margin, right margin, wrapping the left, right and so on average. However, for the specific purpose you can use the Blank Document option is.

Other options that are interesting enough facilities available for writing the article and publish it directly to the blog. This option is used for people who love to write and publish his work through the blog. While this trend blogs and more widely used by people with both IT and other fields.

Mondo Microsoft Word 2010 provides powerful facilities to create and publish the results of our work, or any posts in a blog. For example you will write a short article, and nantiknya will be published to an existing blog.

Working with Microsoft Word 2010 Mondo many options to enhance a document, one of which is to select the templates provided by Microsoft Word Mondo 2010. To take advantage of templates this way is to select New, then click Installeds Templates. Then select one of the templates that are available and the Create button klin.

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