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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

State-of-art New Features of Microsoft Word 2010

The Word file format is an editable document designed by Microsoft Corporation. It offers a slew of customizable features with which you can prepare a number of documents. It was introduced in 1983 as 'Multi-Tool' Word. This document was first prepared for Xenix Systems. Over the years, the document underwent many revisions as a result of which subsequent versions were introduced to the world. This is a universally accepted file format used for a variety of purposes. The Word 2010 is the latest version with latest technology based attributes.

New Features of a Word format:

The use of the latest features contributes in making the task of a user more flexible. A person can make the task of the user easy and smooth. With the latest features, one can have access to the Word file format on any system and in any place of the world. This makes you flexible and compatible to meet the requirements of modern industry standards and deliver efficient output. The richness or quality of the document does not get hampered or altered. The quality of the file format remains intact. It enables a user to customize the data as per the requirements.

Ms Word 2010 has come up with enhanced artistic effects for perfect presentation of any document. It equips a user with ability to create attractive and striking picture or visual effects. One can even easily edit the graphics or image. You can also use visually appealing diagrams, charts or create graphics or typographic effects on the text. This enables you to enhance the presentation of your ideas or concepts. Such kind of feature can be used for making business presentations, academic projects and dissertations. Another feature is that of a new navigation pane. With convenient navigation pane, you can smoothly switch to any chapter or topic by simply clicking on the desired headlines in the table of content. It also has co-authoring capabilities with which more than one user can edit or modify the text sitting at different locations and at the same time. It also offers offline editing and syncing of the shared files. All these are latest features of the Word file format. You can easily convert PDF to word or any other file format to word document easily using PDF converter software.

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