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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slow Microsoft Project 2010 Error

What leads to the slow performance of Microsoft Project 2010?

Collaboration seems to be Microsoft's new favourite word. You cannot talk to one of their PR people without it being mentioned at least a dozen times in 5 minutes. Not having much experience with this product I will leave its review to those more qualified, I will touch on a couple of key points.

Integrating Project Server with SharePoint allows easy publishing and sharing of Project Plans. Equally important is the ability for project staff to update the plans with new tasks as well as their progress. For many this can be a useful feature, especially when dealing with teams that are not all at the same location.

Projects assigned to an individual or a company is an important factor governing the reputation of the company as well as it employees. An efficient project management software is required by professional users to develop the components of the project accurately and precisely and within a specified deadline. Microsoft tries to provide a solution to this demand by providing the user with the application Microsoft Project 2010, its newest application in the project management category. Other commonly used softwares and applications can be directly integrated to Microsoft Project 2010 features with ease. There are two versions of it – Standard and Professional.

Few steps to fix slow performance of Microsoft Project 2010 are:
Inspection of the schedule
Disabling add-ons and clearing cache
Manual management

Inspection of the schedule
One factor that can degrade the overall performance of the application as well delays the time for project completion is an incorrect or faulty schedule. A proper schedule for task execution can be prepared using Task Inspector Utility which is to be added separately.

Disabling Add-ons and clearing cache
Add-ons working in the application can sometimes consume a major share of resources and can also delay the time for executing the required task. In such cases these Add-ons have to be disabled. The cache information may require some time to load and hence delay the execution of the tasks. It contains temporary files and information about the recently used files that has to be cleared periodically to increase speed of the operation.

Manual management
The user can also improve performance rate and time taken for project completion by performing activities in an intelligent method. One such activity is to prioritize the various tasks according to their urgency, time and resources used by it to operate.

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