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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SharePoint XML Editor

For development teams using SharePoint Server as a document repository or content management system (CMS), the XMLSpy XML editor supports full file read/write functionality using WebDAV. In addition to functioning as a WebDAV client for SharePoint Server, XMLSpy supports check-in/checkout/undo checkout versioning functionality for seamless access to XML, XSLT, XML Schema, and other files stored in the CMS.

To open a file from a SharePoint Server, use the File / Open command and select the Switch to URL button. This allows you to enter the SharePoint Server URL and your authentication credentials. The directory structure will be displayed in the Available Files pane, where you can right click the desired file to view its check in / check out options.
XMLSpy XML editor for SharePoint

Icons next to each file name indicate the file's status as shown below:
SharePoint XML check out

After checking a file out from the SharePoint Server, you can edit it as usual in XMLSpy and save it back to the server. Then, you can check the file back in using the same File / Open dialog, or by right clicking the file name at the bottom of the editing window. XMLSpy also supports the Undo Checkout command, which is used to return a file to the SharePoint Server unchanged.

SharePoint XML check in

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