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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Microsoft Visio 2010 Download OEM

Microsoft Visio 2010 – a solution for creating technical and business diagrams, intended to organize and visualize various data, processes and systems. Visio diagrams let you easily visualize and implement the exchange of information with high precision, reliability and efficiency unattainable using text and numeric data.
The combination of simple functions, data-driven pieces and features shared across the Internet make Visio 2010 is one of the most popular tools for reporting and explanations of important data. Advanced tools diagramming Visio 2010 make it easier to work with dynamic visual elements and new ways of posting documents online in real time. Thanks to an improved user interface, intelligent drawing tools and templates Visio 2010 makes the creation of schemes at all stages.

The main functions of Visio 2010:
1-Thanks to an extensive set of ready-made shapes, drawing samples and templates you can quickly create diagrams of business processes, their management and other activities.
2-Centralized location of tools for creating diagrams, logical grouping of functions on the Ribbon tabs, simplified access to the shapes and stencils in the updated window “Figures”, a new status bar, allowing more efficient to move on schemes and between them.
3-Use the mini-toolbar Express-figures, extended dynamic mesh, auto-adjust the layout and sizing will help you quickly add shapes and align them.
4-Ability to simplify complex circuits using sub-processes and containers, allowing to group related to each other shape both visually and logically.
5-Giving schemes more attractive and professional with a collection of visual elements and features a dynamic view.
6-Scheme can be checked for compliance with business rules and logic to ensure their accuracy and consistency.
8-Creating and tracking of SharePoint workflow through advanced pattern, which contains the rules and logic to SharePoint workflow, and supports import and export of workflow applications in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visio 2010.
9-Scheme can be easily connected to one or more data sources, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Server Microsoft SQL Server, Windows SharePoint Services and any sources of OLEDB and ODBC, with wizards and automatic selection of data binding.
10-Real-time data displayed in the figures on the schemes based on user-defined conditions, using clear and intuitive graphical elements such as colors, icons, symbols and histograms.
11-Automatic Updates feature makes it easy to maintain data on the schemes to date.
12-Publishing the scheme on the page, you can ensure that all users will have permanent access to the current version of the scheme and related data with features Visio 2010.
13-Ability to connect circuits to one or more data sources and using a few simple operations of its publication on the server SharePoint Server.
14-Create effective dashboards with interactive Visio drawings and other application services. In the framework of integration of services Visio and SharePoint Server server supports the creation of visual hybrid web-based application with interactive data and charts, providing the viewing of various information.
Organized storage, sharing and reuse of patterns of business processes and subprocesses.

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