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Friday, January 6, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint Link 2010

ITOPIA helps organizations manage business intelligence data in emails with SharePoint Link 2010 email management software. SharePoint Link 2010 leverages true Outlook Sharepoint Integration to help businesses seamlessly and efficiently harness data out of email clients and into a content management system. Users and Administrators can map any Microsoft Sharepoint page to Microsoft Outlook email client. Organizations can unify user email inboxes, achieving dual functionality through one interface.

All over the world, emails are the preferred mode of communication. This medium of communication has business intelligence information which is one of the most essential parts to any organization. Surveys conducted on customer satisfaction indicate that email communication & collaboration are the pillars for successful projects, overall productivity and success of organizations. From better sharing, collaboration, to improved audit retention policies, businesses need email management software like SharePoint Link 2010. The patented Outlook SharePoint Integration technology actually displays the full Sharepoint page inside Outlook, allowing users to see Key Peformance Indicators from Sharepoint sites directly in Outlook.

Microsoft SharePoint Business Value: Microsoft SharePoint Link 2010 SharePoint Link helps your employees save time. Simple tasks such as saving emails and attachments can be reduced from 7-10 steps down to 1 step. Relocating documents and emails is also easier, allowing for faster revisions and quicker time to market for projects. Managers and C-level executives can see Key Performance Indicators and other Business Intelligence reporting pages in one location, through one unified Outlook Sharepoint integrated inbox.

Compliance policies, whether for security, or industry specific can be easier to follow and maintain. SharePoint Link provides users a simple, easy to use, and intuitive method for moving data out of email systems, into content management systems, where the data can be more secure, easily monitored and maintained by company IT staff. Email systems are under large volumes of attacks by hackers. Getting the business critical data out of the email system helps businesses because even if the email system is compromised, the hackers will not find company sensitive materials. Once the information is moved out of the email system and into the content management system, it will be better searched where users can search for an item and then apply filters to better locate the document they are interested in.

Email management through SharePoint Link allows an organization to implement and leverage workflow technology to get work done faster. Emails can be tagged if they contain certain types of information, such as proposals, change work orders, etc and then workflow technology can be implemented to notify managers of the proposal or change work order, etc was received. Incorporating workflows on emails is a powerful way to get work done faster and resolve issues quicker as well.

SharePoint Link aides in legal and financial auditing policies, helping organizations save time and money. Users can save emails and documents related to specific projects in the respective project site. Litigation costs can be very high because document discovery can be a lengthy process requiring many business resources. By storing all the email and documents together, legal audits can be simplified to one location containing all artifacts, thus significantly saving time and resources. Similarly, users can keep track of all receipts for expense reimbursement, whether paper based or online transactions and store them in the appropriate location. Should a financial audit take place, all of the original receipts can be quickly located and verified by an IRS agent or any auditing agency.

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