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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microsoft Project 2010 Training

Microsoft Project 2010 is a project management software which enables users to create, manage and properly organize projects and programs for their organization. There are, mainly, three applications in the Project Office family: Project Standard 2010, Project Professional 2010 and Project Server 2010.

Project Standard 2010
Project Standard 2010 exhibits certain outstanding features that are helpful in creating and manipulating task schedules and other related data. This includes: Auto-complete, Add or Delete columns or Rows, Text Wrap and Visually Enhanced Timelines.

Project Professional 2010
Project Professional 2010 offers users an entire horde of incredible features that makes project management simpler and easier. This includes: Creation of Customized Timelines, Easier and Straightforward Scheduling of Projects, Single Entry Mode that enables complete reporting time, Facility to instantly send updates to mobile devices using Microsoft Outlook Web.

Enhanced Resource Planning and the Built-in web access that allows teams in various geographic locations to easily collaborate and track the progress of projects.

Project Server 2010
Project Server 2010 incorporates expanded functionality and features of Project 2010, particularly Project Portfolio Management. This cutting-edge feature enables access to multiple projects, review of resources and updation of various tasks. An interesting feature of Project Server 2010 is the built-in integration with SharePoint 2010, which houses all the requisite documents related to a specific project in one location.

This allows users to immediately access the server through local networks or with Virtual Private Networks. With its efficient Document Control System, Content Management System and Controlled user access to documents, Sharepoint 2010 offers a world of benefits to the user.

Microsoft Project 2010 training : Different Options
As Microsoft Project 2010 is a highly effective tool for project managers, it is advisable that companies provide them training on the software application through Meetings, Classroom and Online training classes and Self-study with reference materials. Microsoft Project training courses are often provided at community colleges and computer training centers. This includes a series of sequential classes, right from the basic to the most advanced level. Another preferred alternative for Microsoft Project training is to get self-trained on the application using Microsofts website and Instructional books.

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