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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Microsoft InfoPath 2010 Troubleshooting

While operating the Microsoft Office 2010 InfoPath numerous problems can hamper the workflow. In this situation one must opt for the various Microsoft Office 2010 InfoPath troubleshooting methods available on different sites. Among the most commonly faced InfoPath errors the problem of SharePoint connectivity tops the list. This is basically a top site collection problem. Beside this, there are other problems such as form submitting error and the error while deploying the InfoPath integrated process.

Here you will the find possible causes and solutions for fixing the three errors of InfoPath mentioned above:

  • Problem while connecting SharePoint 2010
  • Problem of form submitting
  • Error during Integrated process

Problem while connecting SharePoint 2010
This is one of the most common problems faced by the users of the InfoPath. This problem arises when the InfoPath 2010 fails to connect with the SharePoint 2010. The problem shows two error messages, one regarding the invalid internet address and the other regarding the operation failure. The reason behind this issue is related with the collection of the top level sites. Therefore, first try to create a collection of the top level sites and then connect the InfoPath to the SharePoint. To create this collection open the main administrative site and click the link “Create site collections”. Then choose the website from the dropdown list and add title along with a description and finally again from the dropdown menu of the URL, select “/”.

Problem of form submitting
Often the computer users may come across this above problem. The error occurs while submitting a particular form to a specific location. The InfoPath shows different error messages in this issue such as “InfoPath cannot submit the form” or “the file is in use by another application or user”. There may be several causes behind the first error message such as lack of required permission from the server during form submission or a corruption in the submit code. It may also happen due to non availability of the server or due to huge congestion in it. For the second error message the checked- in problem of the form is the liable issue.

Error during Integrated process
The above problem occurs when you try to deploy an InfoPath Integrated Process. Here you get the error message saying the request cannot be processed by the server and the value of the argument exceeds the specified domain. One of the best possible solutions to handle this problem is to delete the library of the forms and start creating it again. After you have created the new form library try to resume the process of Integrating.

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