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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Microsoft Access 2010 Plain & Simple

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft Access 2010 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to build a database and sort information, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. You'll learn how out-of-the-box templates and reusable components make Access 2010 a fast and simple database solution.

Design and build your own database quickly
Use Access forms to collect information with ease
Create and modify tables to organize your data
Store files such as documents and images
Exchange data with other databases and documents
Bring your data alive with colorful reports

I can thank Microsoft Access for helping me break into the IT industry. Over a decade ago, I was working as a data entry temp at a company creating a database of motorcycle parts and accessories for an online catalog they were developing. We were using Microsoft Access 2000 to enter the data. Fortunately for me, we went beyond simple tables while entering our data, creating queries which helped us remove duplicate entries and double check our work. I even wrote my first basic SQL queries in Access during this job, and my desire and ability to learn how to utilize Access to its fullest abilities was noticed by the project supervisors, leading to my first full time technology job. Access has changed a lot in the time since I first played with the toy. Fortunately, there is a great book which Access users of any skill level can turn to for help learning the ins and outs of the latest iteration of the program.

What I like most about Curtis Frye's book, Microsoft Access 2010 Plain & Simple, is that it both teaches new users about Access 2010 and serves as a reference guide for all users, catering to both needs without short changing either. The book is broken down into specific topics arranged in such a way where you can read the book from cover to cover, creating and refining your database in the process, but you can also look for a specific subject which you need to brush up on and go straight to it after finding it via the table of contents or index. Each section stands alone, yet, as a whole book, they flow together and are easy to follow. Each topic has multiple subtopics full of specific steps on how to perform functions and accomplish tasks with your database, complete with full color examples with each step pointed out for easy reference. It doesn't matter if you're a visual learner or somebody who learns best by reading the instructions as both methods are covered thoroughly.

Even if you don't have a database project to work on, Microsoft Access 2010 Plain & Simple gives you plenty of hands-on experience, providing "Try This!" practice examples using the sample Northwind database which comes installed with Access 2010 or just in a blank database. You can then take what you've learned and apply it to your real world database work, creating complex queries, clean and organized forms, and colorful reports which will wow your boss and coworkers. You'll say goodbye to those boring spreadsheets handed out at those quarterly sales meetings and never look back.

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