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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Issues with Microsoft Word 2010?

Today is a bright summer morning and I have just reached my small office in the suburbs where my kids are waiting anxiously to greet me. Surprised that I keep my kids in the office? Well Well! I am referring to my 50 pets those are almost like my kids when it comes to affection and warmth that we share between us. Petland is the name of my franchise store. Today, being their vaccination day, I was up early and drove straight to the office, as the Vet would be here any moment. Everything is ready. My assistant has come in too and I just have to log on to my system and open the detailed reports of their vaccination. It should not take me more than a minute to organize it's hopefully.

But hey! What'ss this? I just can'st log on to the Microsoft Office 2010 file!! Good heavens. What is wrong with the system now? Anne, my assistant, had reminded me last night to take a printout of the vaccination file I admit, I was a little lazy and kept it for the morning, but for heavens sake who anticipates such an issue? Time is ticking by More than worrying about how Anne would react, I guess I have to take charge of the situation. Before I call for help, wouldn't it be better to check it myself?

5 minutes gone and I have reached nowhere. It's time I seriously hunt for help. Internet, of course the Internet is who I will turn to, whom else? God. Are you here, near, somewhere.? What do I find? iYogi Tech Support. Yes, they have also mentioned a toll free number. Let's see what comes of it's My call is answered by a polite iYogi tech expert. Good Morning, he greeted. Good Morning? What is good about the morning? I almost barked. He sensed my state and comforted me that I was not the only one seeking help from this tech support company at this time of the day, there were others too. I felt somewhat relieved and before I realized, I was telling him my PC problem. He seemed to have the solution ready. In no time he remotely accessed my system and begun to work on it.

The expert started reinstalling MS Word 2010 completely on my system through 5 -7 simple steps. In the background I could hear the footsteps of Anne nearing. I was secretly praying that the error be rectified or I would be ridiculed, real bad. Once the reinstallation was over, the iYogi technician scanned my PC with a registry cleaner tool. All the while he kept assuring me that it would all be fine within minutes.

Once the cleanup was done, he asked me to log on Word 2010 and the particular file I was attempting to open. Just 2 seconds gone and I had the vaccination file open in front of me. Quickly I took a printout of the file and before Anne entered the room, the printouts were ready in front of me.

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