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Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Solve when Microsoft Word Document Continuously repaginates?

Microsoft Word processing application features a background and automatic repagination feature to end and then start a page. This can repaginate a document on the basis of its margin size, page size, and few settings. At times, you observe a document repaginates on its own continuously. As a result, you get a document with increased number of pages. Continuous repagination usually indicates a corrupted document, which requires
Word Recovery solutions. 

Suppose, a user creates a document with 'X' number of pages. After using the file for considerable time, suddenly one day, the user experiences that the document starts repaginating when the user scrolls down. The number of pages in the document increases to 10 to 20 times the original number, X.

As mentioned, regular repagination shows corruption of Word document.

To solve the problem, user can try turn off background repagination. For this, one needs to click 'Tools' | 'Options' | and select 'General' tab. User can then clear off the 'Background repagination' option. In Word 2007, user needs to first view the document in 'Draft' mode, click 'Office button' and then 'Word options'. Next, it can click 'Advanced' tab and clear the option in 'General'.

 If the problem continues, a Word user should:

Open the corrupted document with 'Open and Repair' option
Insert or copy the problem document in a new document
Save the document in RTF format
Try to open the document with a different application
Restore the document from the last available backup
Use a third-party utility to Repair Word File

A Word Repair software can scan the corrupted document using powerful scanning algorithms and restore its content safely. These utilities have interactive display that facilitates the recovery process easily and smoothly. You can use these products in any sort of document corruption problems. Also, these products are easy to install. With advanced features, the software are popular among Microsoft Word users.

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