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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to save documents created in Pages as Microsoft Word (.doc) files

1-Create a (or open an existing) document as you normally would in Pages.

2-When you’re ready to save it as a .doc file, select Share from the Pages menu bar, and then Export… from the drop-down list.

3-Select the Word section in the Export window. Click the Next… button to continue.

4-In the Save As: space, give your document a name. Then navigate to the folder you want to save your document (as a Microsoft Word .doc file) in. Click the Export button.

5-Pages will now ‘convert’ your Pages document (which is a .pages file by default) into a .doc file – which Microsoft Office users can open and edit. Navigate to the folder that you opted to save the file in (from the previous step). There’s your newly-created .doc file! Note the Kind section of the Preview window indicates that this is a Microsoft Word 97 – 2004 document. That doesn’t mean that people using newer version of Microsoft Office will be unable to open it – they will.

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