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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to import documents to Pages on your iPad

how to import documents from your Mac or PC to Pages for the iPad.

Creating a new document in Pages for the iPad is easy enough – but what if you want to work on an existing document that you created on your Mac or PC? Using iTunes you can quickly import (copy) it to Pages for the iPad.

1- First things first – make sure your iPad is connected to your Mac or PC and then select it in iTunes.
an ipad in itunes

2- Now select the Apps tab from the top.
apps tab in itunes

3-Scroll down to the File Sharing section. From the Apps list in the File Sharing section, select Pages. In the Pages Documents section you’ll now see a list of all the documents that Pages for the iPad currently has “saved”. By default, you should see one document – Getting Started.doc. This is the document that Pages for the iPad comes with.
To upload a file to your iPad so you can edit it with Pages, click the Add… button.
file sharing section of itunes with Pages selected

4-Navigate to the document you wanted to transfer to your iPad, select it and click the Choose button. Note: Pages for the iPad currently allows you to edit Pages ’09 for Mac documents, Microsoft Word – Office Open XML and Office 97 (or later) documents.

open file dialog box

5-Now the document you selected will be listed in the Pages Documents column.

a list of pages documents in the apps section of itunes

6-To export, or download documents from your iPad to your Mac or PC – select the file from the Pages Documents column and click the Save to… button.

save to button in the pages section of itunes

7-Navigate to the folder you want to save it in and click the Choose button.

save as dialog box

8-That file will now be in the folder you opted to save it in. That’s it!

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