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Monday, January 9, 2012

Enhancing The Performance Of SharePoint Across WAN

SharePoint developers are aware of the capabilities this platform offers and how it can help in enhancing productivity of teams in an enterprise.

When it is deployed across multiple branch offices and sites, the user experiences performance issues and thereby it directly affects the productivity too. The alternative is to look at solutions that can improvise the level of performance, minimize latency and are less expensive.

The need for SharePoint optimization across WAN

Many organizations are adopting and using the various features of this tool to benefit their business processes. However, the increasing popularity of SharePoint 2010 has also raised a concern regarding its performance. The increase in the total number of data, applications and users has a direct impact on the performance because it reduces the speed at which data can be accessed. Most of the SharePoint developers try to increase the number of servers at the various branch offices and this process leads to increase in wide area network traffic. The performance gets hindered when the network faces traffic congestion.

The decongestion in the SharePoint network would require additional processing power by increasing the number of servers, providing better storage and adding new hardware. But this approach does not provide a permanent solution because the main problem lies with network related issues such as latency and bandwidth. There is a need for solutions that do not require installation of innumerable SharePoint 2010 server at different locations. One of the ways of achieving this objective is through WAN optimization that would help in enhancing performance across the board.

Understanding the SharePoint optimization process

The SharePoint developers have to apply WAN optimization techniques to counter reliability and performance issues in the network. First the developers or administrators have to identify the bottlenecks in the network. The removal of bottlenecks enhances the communication between SharePoint users and remote locations.

The optimization of SharePoint mobile users

It is not easy for SharePoint developers to assign a WAN entry point when users access SharePoint from customer location, office or any wi-fi hub. In this case, WAN optimization is an ideal alternative where a small client application is installed on the client’s notebook and is connected via web to the WAN optimization appliance based out of a branch or a data entry point.

The client and the devise go through a handshaking process through which different techniques such as data compression and algorithms are applied to remove any data retransmission. SharePoint 2010 uses synchronization techniques involving a large number of round trips of data packages. Through WAN optimization these roundtrips can be reduced and thereby it enhances the level of performance.

The optimization of businesses with large branch offices

There are WAN optimization devices that can be used to make SharePoint servers more robust and versatile across data centers and branch offices. Even if one site or server fails to perform, the traffic can be routed to the nearest server or site. Undoubtedly, WAN optimization can initiate high speed synchronization that would not only enhance the overall performance but also keep the data up-to-date.

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