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Friday, January 6, 2012

Customizing Sharepoint 2010 Online

With the help of Microsoft's superb SharePoint 2010 application, SharePoint consulting team can now build and manage the sites with ease. SharePoint online gives each of the users the chance to share and manage important files and work online with customers, colleagues as well as business partners. The customization of SharePoint 2010 online has made it possible for SharePoint developers to take care of major projects online without the need of one's own software.

A huge list of various site collections:

With the help of SharePoint Online, SharePoint developers can now create sites and manage the available space to a maximum of about 300 unique site collections. However the personal collections don't count in this list and is an added bonus.

With the help of SharePoint 2010 SharePoint developers can customize SharePoint Online:

SharePoint consulting team can now easily customise SharePoint development Online with the help of just the browser – easily create and manage: subsites, security features, web tools, online libraries as well as lists
Create great SharePoint development Solutions with the help of Visual Studio 2010 – So as to make your task easier and more pleasant the SharePoint developers allow integration between Visual Studio as well and can now easily administrate the different features and tools online instead of having to create one's own technologies.
With the help of various applications SharePoint developers can now create no-code solutions – often creating developing solutions turns out to be tedious and at times impossible as coding is required, but this too is taken care of due to the integration with Microsoft InfoPath Designer, Visual Studio, Access, SharePoint 2010 and other great applications.

Creating solutions with the help of SharePoint 2010 – it has plenty of features and using them in the right way is the key to success. The administrator has the powers to designate which of the employees have the authority to create and manage new sites, edit existing sites, etc.
Customising the site – Once you've created your site or a whole collection of sites, you can now manage and customise it with the help of SharePoint development 2010 and its designer features.
Improving site security – The best way SharePoint developers can improve the site's security is to manually add administrators and thereby keeping a track on what has been assigned.

Keeping track of your users – Depending on your needs you can add and remove people from their posts. Doing this through SharePoint 2010 is much faster than through your browser and therefore can be done more often – resulting in greater specifications.

Manage the site Columns as well as various content types – Site columns are reusable and are created using your browser or SharePoint Designer. A content type basically represents an entire field or a group of specific settings. Site columns and content types have the same functions on SharePoint as they do on your own installations.

Create and edit existing pages – with the help of SharePoint consulting and Design one can now create wiki pages as well as Web pages. Wiki pages are newly introduced in SharePoint and are the best for content pages. SharePoint developers can also edit the pages by just altering the text or making changes directly to the code itself.

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