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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Corrupt Records in a Microsoft Access MDB

Microsoft Access is a database structure which is determined for such projects where large records are being maintained in tables. Tables help you to store information for reference, reporting and analysis. Moreover, Microsoft Access reduces the limitations having found while trying to sustain large amounts of information in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications and introduces errors which makes analysis, summing and reporting very challenging. At times, when records are being accessed, an error message pops out indicating corruption in records.

However, one or more records in a table may be corrupt. Scroll down the table until you find the record which causes the problem. Cut and paste those records into another table. If you can open the database then your solution is relatively simple else you need to get the records repaired using some access repair application.

Yet, before moving ahead you must try to find out where the problem was?

It happens when field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add.

1.Scroll down the table to find the corrupt record.
2.Cut and paste those records into another table.
3.Locate damaged records via scrolling
4.Locate damaged records via append queries and code
5.Finishing up once you have got clean records in the new table
6.Manually insert missing record(s) from a backup.
7.Recreate the relationships of that table.

Note that there might be multiple corrupted records in a table.

Yet, you do not get clean records after following these steps then there might be file corruption chances then in that case you must use a third party application to repair access file.

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