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Monday, September 12, 2011

Two More Reasons To Love Office 2010

Jump out of being enslaved to your email into mobile freedom with Outlook 2010. New for 2010:

* Backstage View. This view provides a single location for all account management tasks. You can manage account settings, import and export files, open Outlook data files, save Outlook data items in other formats, see a full page print preview alongside print options, customize the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.
* Quick Steps. Now you can manage and quickly respond to information. Just create and define common tasks that can be executed in one step. You'll reduce the number of clicks needed and quickly forward emails, deleting the original flag.
* MailTips. This feature allows you to be alerted when you are about to send a large distribution list, avoiding spamming, and to someone who is out of their office. It also helps to avoid bounced notices by determining if a recipient will receive your message immediately.
* Paste With Live Preview. Preview pasted content visually before actually pasting it.
* Picture Editing Tools. Not entirely new, but wonderfully improved, this tool lets you crop, edit and add effects right in your email. You can also grab and incorporate screenshots into your work without leaving Outlook.
* Schedule View. Look at and stay up to date with this shared calendar feature. You can now view multiple calendars (family, co-workers, etc.). Also, you can schedule meetings through the shared calendar tool.
* Room Finder. Talk about easy, you can now schedule a conference room, if you are an Exchange user, with this tool.
* Calendar View. You don't have to leave your mail box to make sure a requested date is available.
* Contact Card. When connecting to friends and colleagues, you can save switching from one application, to another if you use Microsoft Office Communicator or instant messaging application.
* Outlook Social Connector. No more switching from your mail program to your social network with this tool.

And that's just what's new. Most other tools in Office 2010 are improved. For example:

* Conversation View. This feature condenses multiple emails in a discussion and displays them as a single line item, lets you view only relevant information unless you expand it and eliminate redundant emails.
* Search Tools. Want words instead of icons? Contextual Search Tools helps you locate information.
* Office Themes. This tool gives you formatting options so you can create personally and professionally formatted emails.
* SmartArt Graphics. Office 2010 has added a lot of additional layouts that will help you display information with your personal touch.
* People Search. Find contacts without leaving your email inbox.

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