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Friday, September 30, 2011

Solutions To Outlook Express Errors

Microsoft Outlook Express errors are common problems faced by users of Microsoft Outlook Express who use the application to meet their needs of sending and receiving e-mails. Indeed, with the increasing use of e-mail as a communication medium these days, solutions to Outlook Express errors have become increasingly important and sought after. To prevent confusion, the Microsoft Outlook Express application is different from the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client that is bundled with Microsoft Office. Rather, the former is bundled with Internet Explorer instead of the Microsoft Office suite. We list the following common problems faced by users of Microsoft Outlook Express and offer the relevant solutions.

1. Slow loading of Outlook Express

This problem arises when Microsoft Outlook Express is run concurrently with Microsoft Windows Messenger. The solution here is to go to the tools menu of Microsoft Outlook Express and under the options sub-menu, uncheck the option to automatically log on to Windows Messenger.

2. Inability to Receive E-mails

When you are unable to receive e-mails but able to send them, your domain might be possibly running out of space. This occurs when you have too many e-mails left inside your inbox or sent items folder of Microsoft Outlook Express. In such a situation, it would be a good idea for you to delete some e-mails from your inbox, sent items or any other folders that you might have. Alternatively, you can increase the disk space of your e-mail account for you to continue receiving e-mails again.

3. Outlook Express Error 0x800420CB

This is a common problem faced by most users of Microsoft Outlook Express. This error causes you to be unable to open your e-mail message. The most possible cause to this problem is in fact, corruption of your .dbx files. This type of file is used by the Microsoft Outlook Express application. The solution to this problem involves a few simple steps. Select tools from the main menu. Subsequently click on accounts and select the mail tab option. Click on duplicate mail account before selecting the remove option. Repeat these steps until all duplicate mails have been removed. In most cases, this step should solve the problem at hand. Otherwise, rename the Outbox.dbx file. This can be found easily by means of the windows search utility.

4. Unable to Delete E-mails

If you are unable to delete your old e-mail messages, your "deleted items folder" could possibly have been corrupted. This occurs when a copy of the deleted e-mail is sent to the "deleted e-mail folder" whenever an e-mail is deleted. Transfer all messages from this folder into another folder. Subsequently, close Microsoft Outlook Express and delete the "Deleted Items.dbx" file. You will need to tweak your windows setting to see hidden files in order to identify the location of your file.

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