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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reasons to Make the Switch to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Advancements in technology have significantly improved collaboration in the workplace, enhancing productivity considerably in the process. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is one such example. This software offers a comprehensive business collaboration platform for on-site deployment or as hosted services that enable organizations to streamline operations and reduce overhead, among other things.

SharePoint makes lowering costs without sacrificing quality possible. Its unified and governable infrastructure allows the efficient provision of information and enterprise-wide management tools while cutting on costs such as training.

With new levels of capabilities, tools and scalability, SharePoint can enable different users to develop specific business solutions that can be incorporated with existing information, tools and processes. Thus, companies can readily respond to various business needs.

SharePoint also facilitates informed decision-making through the combination of both structured and unstructured data. People can easily access the necessary information from any location, at any time, and are able to share their decisions with others just as easily.

With SharePoint, employees are able to collaborate in the ways they see fit. New technology doesn't become a hindrance, as people are able to continue working efficiently with software that is user-friendly and familiar. In addition, social networking and people search features facilitate interaction, information sharing, and even activity tracking.

Without expert support, even the most advanced technology won't yield the best possible results. Understanding how the organization is run and developing a structure that supports this, such as executing an information governance plan, will go a long way in simplifying employees' needs.

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