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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Practical Tips to Print a Document on Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word is one of the standards for making text documents. This program always comes in the new version which adds new variety to the options and look. If you cannot catch to the new systems easily, you will find it inconvenient for your basic operations such as saving, editing, or even printing. If you find it difficult to do printing, you can see the following guides to help you.

The first thing you should do is to open the Microsoft Word 2007. You can do it by clicking the Start button which is available in the left bottom of the screen. As the column pop up, click the option of "All Programs" than select "Microsoft Office" and click "Microsoft Office Word 2007".

After opening the Microsoft Office Word Program, you can now type your document as what you do in the previous version. Then, save it for avoiding your file from messing up and unable to print. It will make you sure that you are able to get your file printed out without the risk of error or when you accidentally close your file.

To get a better printed file, you have to make sure that you have properly inserted the paper into your printer from which you want to print your file. Once you have set up your printer and inserted the paper, you can now have a ready-to-print printer.

At the top of your screen, especially in the previous version of Microsoft Word, there are some options of tool bar such as File, Edit, View, Insert, and some other options. For printing, you need to click on the "File" option and navigate your cursor to the pint option. However, this new version of Microsoft Word has different look. At the top left of the screen there is Microsoft logo, two arrows, and a floppy disk icon.

The next thing you have to do is to choose the Microsoft logo and you will find some options of menu such as sending, saving, and publishing. You can find the "Print" option in the middle of the column. Navigate your cursor to the "Print" option and click it. If you have already selected the Print option, you can now select the printer and the number of copies you want.

In addition, there are also some other options which you can find like in the previous version. Another option is the "Quick Print" which allows you to automatically print from the default printer which has already been set up to your computer. The third option you available is the "Print preview" which lets you see how your printed file will be. You can see all the files you want to print and if you have satisfied, you can now click "Print

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