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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Editing Advantage - Great Microsoft Office 2010 Edge

Photo editing is one of the basic tasks that everyone needs to learn in the digital world to make presentations and documents more appealing. The previous process of inserting images and photographs to support a report and presentations required some complex steps and skills. With Office 2010, the desire to include great images has now been made much for easier and fantastic.

Past Imaging Issues

In the past, various experts are learned different versions of Photoshop and advanced digital imaging skills just to produce great quality presentations in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Anyone who may not know Photoshop really well would likely encounter undefined photos, blurred images and other problems that may affect the quality of your presentation if you copy and paste it directly to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The release of Microsoft Office 2010 paves the way for great images and presentations within a single program.

Great Imaging Tools and Features

The fabulous Microsoft Office 2010 ribbon advantage integrates powerful imaging tools and options within Excel, Word and PowerPoint for greater convenience and awesome quality. Here are the three powerful options and features that make photo editing and other imaging issues easier to handle.

1. Picture Tools

Imagine yourself working on texts that need pictures to support your subject. The need to grab a photo and inserting it to your document is even easier with Office 2010. All you have to do is to open the Picture Tools ribbon within that Office document you are currently working on and decide what you want to do with your current photo or image before printing or publishing the final work.


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