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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Microsofts SharePoint Offers Valuable Business Synergy

It would appear that Microsoft's SharePoint is transforming the way many businesses conduct their internal communications, connect their various websites and manage their ever-increasing content. SharePoint software technology has become a powerful, synergy-developing platform that creates portals through which multiple people on individual computers can collaborate on the same server, viewing and even editing web-based content. The applications are not just limited to collaboration, but include file sharing, content management and web publishing, and this "groupware" solution is becoming increasingly attractive to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Because of SharePoint's adaptability in capacity, performance and scalability, businesses are attracted to the ease with which they can implement collecting, sorting, writing and editing huge amounts of data across SharePoint and Office. The improved applications of the Microsoft 2010 program are appealing to users. Better content storage, smarter folders, Workspace offline capabilities, mobile access and services that offer business connectivity are all considered valuable assets in this software. The easy integration of 3rd party applications such as Jive and Silverlight make business networking and multimedia opportunities for enhanced services.

As Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced recently, SharePoint is "a suite of capabilities that dramatically improves the way people work." He is justifiably proud of describing one of the fastest growing server products in Microsoft's history. The SharePoint 2010 offers more capabilities, better choices, and increased flexibility and connectivity between on-site and cloud-based programs. Using a single infrastructure for all Websites allows employees to share documents, manage in-process projects and publish up-to-date information to customers.

The collaboration tools in this software encourage synergistic results through exchanging ideas and expertise to create customized solutions for individual client needs. Everything from team calendars to discussion boards to document libraries is available for deeper interaction and collaboration. Tracking and sorting significant content has saved Ehrlich Pest Control valuable time and effort that used to be spent keeping track of customer orders. By using SharePoint to reduce clutter, coordinate program change requests and outline schedules, the company estimates some employees may save as much as 2-3 hours a day in time that would have otherwise have been squandered searching for the most up-to-date orders and alteration information.

The content management features of SharePoint have also been a major asset to Kraft Foods who estimates a savings of $2.2 million dollars over two years with web content controls. Kraft was frustrated with the inability to connect quickly with the customers represented in over 100 million page- viewings every month. SharePoint software implementation brought the company up to speed and is expected to save even more in the future in ancillary support and development fees.

Cognizant, a New Jersey IT provider has experienced rapid growth recently. The SharePoint portals have been used both to boost collaboration and improve customer service. Responding quickly to the changing needs of a rapidly growing business has been easier and IT training and maintenance costs have been reduced.

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