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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 - A Virtual Hosting Advantage

Microsoft Office 2010 is fully loaded with tons of applications and benefits that are solely intended to give you the competitive edge in every online and office or business activity. Virtual hosting clients will even find the complete features for a truly successful online business.

What is Microsoft Office 2010?

Microsoft Office 2010 is a new software from Microsoft Corporation released in June 2010. Its top goals are to capture the current business needs and to be on top of every competition in terms of the global market standards. The package includes the upgraded features of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Outlook and Excel. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus features the enhanced SharePoint integration for perfect virtual hosting functionalities.

Here are the top advantages of Microsoft Office 2010 for virtual hosting edge and further business success.

Outlook & the Social Connector

Get linked with LinkedIn, SharePoint and even Facebook with the new Outlook and Social Connector. This powerful integration inputs online data and activities of your business contacts, family members and friends. Blogging updates, calendar features and e-mail management also make the social and business functions more effective.

Word 2010 Collaboration Features

Productivity, creativity and collaboration are the top things you could always count on with Word 2010. Working with graphics, pictures and documents give you more convenience with the fantastic picture tools and improved editing capabilities. Online collaboration with cobalt-enabled server or SharePoint 2010 is a total comfort at work.

PowerPoint - The Online Powerful Booster

Graphics, images and other visual tools are even made more appealing with the new remote slideshow features in PowerPoint. Slideshow presentations for virtual conferences and webinars can be viewed on the web for greater persuasive effects and realistic techniques. Broadcast Slideshow makes every transaction more productive. Getting the multi-user version will even boost your team dynamically with such great features as color-coded author bars with initials, version support, real-time changes capability, quick synchronization, and new content automatic highlighting.

Capture Fantastic OneNote and Excel Features

Sparklines, PowerPivot and Slicers are very useful for information management and further business analysis and decision-making purposes. Excel has additional macro support and with the great HPC cluster functions for more powerful functionalities.

OneNote encourages online note taking with Outlook integration and enhanced linking features. It also features windows live synchronization with more collaboration features, versioning and simultaneous editing. It is even made widely accessible on your smart phones for greater productivity and more profitable results.

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