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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Live Communication Server

If you are new to the business world or you are not techno savvy then it is wise to know more about live communication servers. A Live communication server is the latest technology delivering instant messaging. Its presence as part of a scalable, enterprise-grade solution live communication server offers enhanced security, and seamless integration with other Microsoft products. In all it is an extensible, industry-standard development platform.

Through equipping a live communication server you can easily enjoy cost savings and improved business efficiencies equally teamed with an increased individual productivity, and enhanced intellectual property protection. In short this easy-to-manage, highly available solution is best for your business. Live communication servers generally work to ensure that customers can expand current infrastructure investments. In other words a live communication server is an indispensable part of the Microsoft Windows Server System and adheres to the common engineering criteria. Seeing its popularity and growing demand, various companies started to offer this technology but it's Servelogic that has utilised this technology to the fullest extent. Servelogic's live communication server is coupled with various benefits such as:

o Servelogic 's live communication server improves the security of your collaboration infrastructure. Also it allows users to share Microsoft Office and other applications from work or home with encrypted IM and voice- and video-enhanced collaborative sessions.

o Live communication server also allow users to find and communicate with people. This communication is well supported by un-interrupting workflow. Moreover live communication server is also accelerates team collaboration dramatically.

o Live communication server offers instant access to team members, partners, suppliers, and customers across multiple geographies, time zones, and organizational boundaries.

o Above all it improves your business efficiency. This usually happens as a live communication server enables information workers to find and communicate with people in a security-enhanced, enterprise-grade, real-time communication environment.

o Also a live communication server provides presence awareness from your familiar Microsoft Office and line-of-business applications. This certainly eliminates all the delays in locating and communicating with co-workers and business partners.

Utilising a live communication server service from Servelogic will surely deliver business grade encrypted instant messaging (IM) and presence whilst seamlessly integrating with other Microsoft products, and Voice over IP systems. Above all Servelogic provides various benefits such as:

1. Integration with Microsoft Office to allow application sharing

2. Public IM connectivity providing full auditing and logging of text conversations

3. Full TLS encryption of text, voice, and file transfers to stop eavesdropping.

4. Real-time communications with Video, Voice and Text using Office Communicator

5. Optional integration with external Voice over IP systems

6. Includes Microsoft Communicator Client with MS Office integration.


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