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Monday, September 19, 2011

Changing Slide Show Settings in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

It is possible to adjust the settings in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in order to customise the way a slide show appears on your computer. The changes that you can make apply only to your computer, and will not be the same if you use another computer at a later date.

To change the settings, first you need to choose PowerPoint Options from the office menu. This will display the PowerPoint options dialog box. When this dialog box appears, you will need to go into the advanced category. If you wish to use the right mouse button to move backwards in a presentation, clear the check box that says show menu on right mouse click.

It is also possible to adjust whether or not the toolbar shows up during the presentation. Clear the check box that says show popup toolbar if you do not want to see the options of previous, pointer, show and next buttons at the bottom of the slide show.

Within the advanced category, you can also adjust whether or not annotations are visible during the slide show. Uncheck the box that says prompt to keep ink annotations when exiting. With this box unchecked, all annotations will no longer be visible.

Finally, you can choose whether or not to tick the box that says end with black slide. Without this box ticked, when the slide show ends, it will end at the last slide. If you choose to have this box ticked, you will see a black screen displaying a notice that the show has ended. Click ok when you have finished making any changes to finish adjusting the slide show settings.

Adjusting the settings in PowerPoint 2007 allows you to view your presentations in the way that you want to view them. When you have made all the changes within the advanced category, you will be able to enjoy viewing your presentations much more.

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