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Friday, September 16, 2011

Addons for Microsoft Outlook - Crucial Points to Consider

Addons for Microsoft outlook perform different functions and help in improving Outlook. Outlook has been the favorite for millions of users over a long period of time especially as an e-mail application and with the addons for Microsoft outlook the program works better. There have been difficulties in some function but Microsoft has always come up with many improvements making Outlook even better.

ClearContext, BoxBe, SendShield are some of the popular outlook add-ons. ClearContext assist you in keeping a track of specific projects, to-dos, emails and even calendar items in an automated way. It is very easy to control crap mails with the help of BoxBe or ClearContext addons. SendSheild is another addon that eliminates the problem of sending heavy information containing office files. When sending office files like documents it wipes away all the metadata.

BoxBe is another addon by which you can build an email guest list so that you can track emails from all your close relatives and friends. Most of the addons can be downloaded from the internet as extensions and you can use the extension manager to install new extensions. You can also download a trial version for yourself to review the functions. Addons like Plaxo toolbar for Outlook let you to synchronize your present Plaxo address book to your Outlook Address Book.

WaxMail plugin has the feature by which you can record voice messages and insert them in your e-mail's body. Microsoft Outlook Office Connector is one of the addons for Microsoft outlook which connects windows live hotmail with Outlook in such a manner that they feel like local mail and you also have the advantage of using it when you are offline.

Over the internet you can search an addon by specifying your needs or how you want to customize your Outlook. Another very useful Outlook addon is the Send personality addon by which you can send messages to a group of people where each of the receivers will get a sole copy fro themselves. Addons such as Mail Alert, outlook Password, SpamBayes, Duplicate Email Remover, Email Schedulers, Recovery By mails and many are available online with screenshots and details about the functions that they perform and can be easily downloaded and installed making Outlook all the more useful.

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