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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Using Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 is an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS). Using Sharepoint 2010, businesses can set up websites and share information quickly and easily. It enables users to create, manage and publish documents and reports.

What are the benefits of Sharepoint 2010?

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 has a number of advantages for businesses. These include enabling businesses to:

- Share ideas

- Manage projects

- Publish information for staff and customers

- Provide access to databases, reports, business applications and more

- Share expertise

- Create bespoke solutions

- Find the information needed to make better decisions quickly

Sharepoint 2010 can save your business money by putting intranet, extranet, and internet sites all on a one platform. It also means people can save time by doing their jobs more quickly - they will have faster access to the information they need.

Sharepoint 2010 brings benefits to numerous business types such as

- IT professionals

- Developers

- End users

Contracting Sharepoint 2010 services

Contracting external services can help you get started with Sharepoint 2010. The services which can help you include:

- Consultancy on Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 strategy and requirements

- Design, installation and configuration

- Migrating data to the new system

- Document capture

- Document classification

- Business process management

- Workflow

- Integration of systems

- Sharepoint training

- Ongoing support

The benefits of contracting Sharepoint professional services

- Using a professional expert company will make sure Microsoft Sharepoint is implemented quickly, successfully and without stress at your organisation

- A professional company will minimise delays in the customisation and configuration of Sharepoint.

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