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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unlock Microsoft Office: Your Cost Effective CRM Solution

Are you tired of over-priced, monolithic, complex, and tedious CRM systems that make you feel like your full-time job is managing contacts? Do your find your CRM too crowded with applications, your employees resisting it, too costly but doesn't deliver the needed results, and needs to be monitored and disciplined continuously? Well here is a surprise. Unlock Microsoft Office develops your very own cost effective CRM solution, which is simple to use and manage, nurture your company's growth, make your customers happy, and enhance customer retention costs - And do it all while reducing costs.

One of the challenges in implementation of CRM is the resistance shown by employees; they generally feel that it consumes their time and interferes with getting their core job done. You can convince such employees to at least maintain a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for his or her quick reference. This cost effective solution includes Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These tools are designed to work together to help address a broad array of business problems.

Outlook: Accepted by one and all in almost all organizations, big and small, you can also use Office Outlook to track customer responses and assess the overall planning. Emails, attachments, calendar entries and other items related to an individual are of great help when is comes to customer management. The upgraded version of Microsoft Outlook has links to social websites like Twitter and LinkedIn. These support businesses and help them grow.

• Word: Microsoft Word is currently the most common word processor in the market. Because it is so common, the.doc format has become the de facto format for text documents. Word docs can be easily converted to PDF and HTML files. Hyperlinks are usually created in Word by pasting the full URL into a page.

• Excel: Office's spreadsheet program also includes faster performance, significantly increased spreadsheet capacity, intuitive formula authoring using business terms, and advanced sorting and filtering, Microsoft Excel supports advanced analysis that can lead to insight and better decision-making. Its additional benefits are the image-editing and copy/paste preview features.

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