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Monday, August 1, 2011

Stop a Search of an Office Sharepoint Server ?

As a SharePoint administrator you may find that there are times when the Office SharePoint Server search function is taking longer than expected to complete, or you may find the function has hung altogether. This not only prevents documents becoming part of the search index, which has a detrimental effect on users, but also causes the server's performance to suffer, with hard disk, processor and network bottlenecks. To fix such issues, first stop the search function.


Logon to the server using an account with administrative access.

Click "Start," "Settings" and "Control Panel."

Click "Administrative Tools."

Click "Services."

Scroll down to the "Office SharePoint Search Service" service and right-click.


Click "Stop" in the drop-down list. This stops the "Office SharePoint Search Service" service.


Click "File" and "Exit."

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