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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Share a OneNote Notebook on Multiple Computers

Microsoft OneNote is a very useful program that allows you to keep notes in the freeform way that you might keep paper notes, but with the flexibility to add pages, move notes, and even share notes between computers. Sharing notebooks is a great way to keep information in sync between all of your computers so that you can access your notes no matter where you end up.


Buy, install, and license Microsoft OneNote.

Click "File", and then select "New Notebook."

Name the notebook, and choose the template that you want to use (or use a blank template).

Click "Next" and select the option to use the notebook on multiple computers.

Type in or browse for a folder that has a share option for your network. Click "Create."

Check by clicking "File" and then "Open" on another computer in your network. Locate the notebook file to open.

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