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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MS Access 2010

Over the years MS Access has not changed a great deal. The way database elements are created has been pretty much consistent throughout each version. Release 2007 and 2010 introduced changes to the design interface and a few web related features.

Essentially, it is still the best PC database system available and takes a lot of beating. Create relational databases in no time at all with this great product.

The latest version, MS Access 2010 is an improvement on Access 2007. That version introduced the Office ribbon which has since had a mixed reception. Once criticism was that you were unable to customize it. The new version of MS Office allows you to customize the ribbon. You may wish to add some of your favourite commands or commands you use time and time again. This is easily done by way of a few clicks.

Another new feature in MS Access 2010 is easy table field creation. Imagine when you create fields to hold an address you create separate ones for street, town, city, state, zip etc. You can now select an address data type from the list of available types and MS Access will go ahead and create the separate address fields for you. This is a useful timesaver.

Do you want to show your data on the web? In previous versions this was never entirely convincing. To do this now you need to have Sharepoint available.

As with other new MS Office 2010 applications, MS Access includes the backstage view. This allows you compact your databases, set passwords, create relationship and analyse the database.

This new version of the world's popular desktop database offers even more functionality and will get you productive fast.

Let's recap what we've learned in this article:

* Access 2010 introduced many new features

* The Ribbon can be customized

* It is now easy to share data on the web

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