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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Insert Check Boxes

There are times when you're working with programs like MS Word, Infopath or Excel and need to include a check box for a user to click digitally or check manually, with a writing instrument. This typically occurs when you'd like the user to make a yes or no/true or false choice. Instructions for inserting a check box vary with the software you're using.


Inserting a Check Box in Word (2010)

Display word's developer tab. Click on the "Office" button, then "Word Options," followed by "Customize Ribbon." Check the "Developer" box if it is not already selected. Click "OK." The developer tab should appear.

Click on the developer tab. Find the controls group. Click on "Legacy Tools." Click on "Check Box Form Field." The box appears on your document.

Move or resize the check box as needed, using the cursor.

Click "Restrict Editing" in the "Protect" group on the developer tab. a "Restrict Formatting and Editing" box should appear. Check the box that says, "Limit formatting to a selection of styles" and "filling in forms" (under "Editing Restrictions"). The tab asks you if you're ready to start enforcing the restrictions. Mark "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection."

Type a password in the box that pops up, or leave it blank for no password protection to later edit the check boxes.

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